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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

A really big night-vision moon, rickety sounds, and a skulking crocodile bring us to Night 4 at Tambaqui. Roger complains that he's not "used to losing to women," and that it's "not [his] deal." He says he's not a chauvinist, but before he can dig himself any deeper, Butch cuts him off to say it's just his personality to want to win. Unlike all those people out there who want to lose. The men agree that they got their asses kicked, and Dave tells us in an interview that the mood at camp is one of frustration. He says everyone hates to lose: "Particularly seven guys don't wanna lose to a bunch of girls." The men discuss how it's natural to blame themselves for a loss, and Roger says that they ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. Really non-communicative, headless chickens. Meanwhile, Daniel stands around and blinks really slowly. Alex tells us in an interview that they feel a lot of pressure having lost two challenges in a row, and that they could have really benefited from the bait. Hence, its status as a "reward." As the camera pointedly shows Alex donning his socks, Dave informs the group that they have another challenge in two days, and if they work as a team, they'll do fine.

The sun rises on Jaburu on Day 5, and Magilla scurries along a branch. An appearance by Magilla, incidentally, automatically raises the episode grade by half a degree. It's like extra credit for the editors. Heidi puts wood on the fire, and the camera pans over a pot of charred and clumpy manioc. Janet makes unconvincing "mmm, mmm, mmm" noises and cringes as Heidi tells the group that she tried to cook it more because it got wet. In an interview, Jeanne explains that they really need a different kind of food because the manioc flour -- or as she puts it, "the maniac...the dried maniac...or whate-- burnt maniac" -- was no good. The women agree that it's disgusting, and Heidi fusses with it before announcing that it's not only burnt and clumpy; it's full of maggots. Janet shrieks, stares at the manioc in her hand, and whines, "I didn't know about the maggots. I did not know about them." Now that she does know about them, however, she takes another big bite. ["She should; they're full of protein." -- Wing Chun] In an interview, she claims that she can mentally handle the game, but it's been much harder on her physically, and it's taken a real toll. Jenna tells the group that they need to catch some fish. The others ask if she's had any luck so far, and she says she had about six nibbles. In an interview, she tells us that they've barely had anything to eat in the five days they've been there, but they've still excelled in the challenges over the cocky men.

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