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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

It's now morning on Day 6 at Jaburu, and El Gyro and his mighty tahini sauce have not yet struck down all the non-believers. Christy complains to Jeanne that she misses out on a lot at night because of her deafness. In an interview, she explains that, in the dark, she can't see or read lips, so she's automatically excluded from the group. Jeanne says that's the reason she talked to Christy yesterday, because Christy's been missing out. So Jeanne needed an excuse to talk to Christy? They both agree that Christy's at a disadvantage. Jeanne tells us in an interview that Christy asked her to fill her in on last night's discussion, and so she told her about Joanna's issues with the idol, to which Christy responded, "Well that's stupid!" At this, Joanna's head snaps around -- well, as much as one's head can snap around in slow motion. Jeanne tells us that it was a "dog-eat-dog situation." Incidentally, throughout the upcoming altercation, the idol is propped up in the corner of the shot. Hee.

We don't see how the argument begins, but suddenly Joanna is accusing Christy of going around talking about her and their difference of opinions. Joanna asks why Christy was insulted by her comments, and as Christy tries to explain herself, Joanna talks about Christy's negativity, and says, "Because I'm gonna shut you down with my hand. You [sic] gonna get the hand!" Christy's already getting the hand, though, and that's sign language enough for Christy. Still, Christy tries to continue the conversation, and insists that she and Joanna both made mistakes. Joanna responds, "Hey! My mistake came after your mistake." How very Christian of her. Christy tells us in an interview that Joanna "flipped out," and put her hand in Christy's face, which pissed her off. As the two women continue to argue, Christy insists in her interview, "Man! If you are a vessel of Christ, don't you think you need to be a little nicer?" Hee. Oh, and hee. Christy earns extra points by using finger quotes around the "vessel of Christ" part. Janet is suddenly standing in the background of this conversation. Where'd she come from, and where did Jeanne go? Christy asks how Joanna would feel if Christy put her hand in Joanna's face, and Joanna responds that she wouldn't know because she doesn't do things deserving of a hand in the face. Christy accuses Joanna of butting into a private conversation, and asks if it was not okay for her to express her feelings to someone. Christy says she's hurt and trying to get everything out in the open, and Joanna tells her that she won't get hurt "if [she doesn't] come up into [her] face sayin' things [she's] sayin'." In an interview, Joanna tells us that she didn't go out there to "dog [Christy] out anymore," but warns, "Don't think you [sic] gonna go around the tribe talkin' trash about me because you got up in my business." As their discussion wraps up, Joanna tells Christy, "Leave me alone and get out of my face!" As Janet uselessly stands by, Christy wipes tears from her eyes and whispers, "I'm not gonna let this bother me. I'm not gonna let this bother me." But clearly, she already has.

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