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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

We're still at Jaburu and it's still Day 6, as a small, hippo-esque animal crawls around. I much prefer the cuddlies to the reptiles. As the tribe digs in the supply crate, Heidi pulls out a big stuffed bear, before Jeanne spots something at the bottom of the crate. The camera zooms in on a wrapper. They all agree that they're seeing the same thing, and demand to know whose wrapper it is. Jeanne announces, "There's something in there that shouldn't be in there," and Janet peers inside and says, "Oh, a food thing! Is that what you guys mean?" Deena suspiciously responds, "Yeah. Where'd it come from?" Janet unconvincingly responds that she doesn't know.

A devilish-looking Jenna tells us in an interview that they'd put all their belongings in the crate and covered it up because of the rain, and when they went to retrieve their things, they discovered a granola bar wrapper at the bottom of the crate. Deena thinks someone needs to "'fess up," and everyone jumps in to proclaim their innocence. Joanna points out that the granola bar wasn't actually eaten, and wonders why, since they've all been starving, the guilty party wouldn't already have indulged? Jeanne angrily announces that she'd like someone to "pick it up with a stick and throw it in the fire." With a stick? Like, they can't even touch it? Jenna tells us in an interview that they were angry because they were starving, and it was a forbidden item. She camera-talks, "You have no right to eat over us." Deena yells to the group, "We all agree, right? We're killing it?" As Joanna carries the granola bar over to the fire on a stick, she chants, "We're hungry, but we're gonna throw it away! If we didn't find it, or kill it, or catch it, we don't eat it!" She chucks it on the fire, while Christy hangs up something in the background and grins. Janet claims to be depressed by the finding because they're all there to play the game fairly, and Heidi tells us in an interview that they burned it because it wasn't fair that the men's team didn't have a granola bar of their very own. If the women could only hear the talk around the men's camp, they'd happily eat fifteen granola bars. Each. ["Even if that weren't the case, burning the granola bar instead of eating it is the dumbest thing I've ever seen anyone do on this show. Obviously no one is going to admit they smuggled it in -- even though whoever did it should get a MEDAL for sneaking shit past the Survivor producers. They should have broken the granola bar into eight pieces and had a party. And if anyone still didn't want to eat her share, she could give it to the group to divide. They are (fake-)starving. Fuck principle. Eat a damn granola bar, morons! Now I hope none of the women wins because they're so stupid." -- Wing Chun]

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