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When they get to the campsite, Derek does a quick inventory of the location and then takes off running in one direction. Jason and Chloe aren't quite sure where he went. There are many Blair Witch-esque shots of branches and the ground.

Derek approaches the mouth to a cave. Cut to Derek narrating that he should have waited for Jason and Chloe, but he had to see it. Cut to Derek, entering the cave. Of course, his flashlight goes out. After last week, wouldn't they get new flashlights? The light from his camera illuminates many bones and such on the ground. We see the silhouette of Joe Lockhart, kneeling on the ground up ahead. Derek approaches him. Lockhart turns around and he has some enormous claw marks on his head, and is bleeding profusely. He says, "Best be getting out of here, boy. She's in a bad, bad mood today." Are they kidding me with this dialogue?

Derek tries to prevent Lockhart from lighting the stick of dynamite, but then Derek is attacked by something that looks like a crew member flapping a burlap bag at the camera. Derek is dragged backwards, and then knocked unconscious. The sheriff comes in and revives him. As they exit, the animal comes after them and the sheriff fires shots at it, igniting the giant pile of explosives. Derek and the sheriff escape. Chloe and Jason see the giant fireball and run towards it. Derek thanks the sheriff for saving his life, and then remembers that Lockhart was still in the cave. The sheriff says Lockhart was dead before the sheriff got to Derek. Is it wrong of me to point out that we were seeing footage from Derek's camera, even though it was obviously destroyed in the explosion? I don't mind if they switch back and forth from Derek's camera to film, but they could at least be consistent with the central conceit of the show -- that Derek is filming footage to put on his website, and that's what we are seeing. I hope he had insurance on that thing, anyway.

Chloe and Jason arrive. Derek asks the sheriff whether he saw the creature. The sheriff says he saw something, maybe a bear. Derek says he knows. The sheriff says that whatever it was, "it looked like it was overdue for extinction."

Cut to Derek talking into the laptop while walking through his apartment. He says it might have been "a flying reptile," but we'll have to decide for ourselves. Yeah, with the help of all the footage we won't see since your camera blew up in the giant explosion. Derek says life will go on in Owensmouth, but sadly without Joe Lockhart, since "determined to destroy the thing that had defined his life for the last twenty-seven years, he destroyed himself." Derek arrives at the couch/bed and says that it's a lesson that "every once in a while you have to stop, hang up the obsession, smell the roses. You never know if you'll see them bloom again." And that' to grow on. Derek picks up his pillow and smells it -- Lan's perfume, remember? Then he smiles. I am so much more interested in a potential romance between those two than anything having to do with "freaky" or "links" that it's not even funny.

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