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Granville. A man is pulling Javier out of the cargo area of a bus that was headed for Granville. Javier, his shirt still unbuttoned, says that he was trying to get to his mom. Clark whooshes in to help, saying, "Leave him alone." The bus guy tells Clark to mind his own business. "He is my business," says Clark. He's getting into the immigrant-smuggling game? A sheriff's department car drives up, siren blaring. Clark whooshes out of the scene, taking Javier with him. The man from the bus company looks around: "What the...?"

Clark puts Javier down after having carried him to his truck, parked far away. Javier asks how he did that. Clark asks him to promise that he won't tell anyone else about his powers. Shouldn't you have asked him that before you showed him what you can do? Javier says not to worry, and that he's become an expert at keeping secrets. Sure, kid. Just learn some Spanish, all right? Clark smiles and tells Javier to get into the truck. They get into the vehicle, which somehow warrants a dramatic closing sound as we go to commercials.

Soup commercials have gotten way too manly. Just sayin'.

Chloe and Jimmy show up in Granville in a little blue car that doesn't look at all like Chloe's. As they get out, Chloe tells Jimmy that she bets visiting laundry places isn't his idea of a dream date. He says that he wouldn't rule it out: the towels can be used for cushioning. Holy horndog! Cool it, Jimmy! This show has to air on the ABC Family Network! Chloe asks a group of women exiting a building if they know Esperanza. They're all wearing outfits like the one Catalina wears on My Name is Earl. One of them walks away. Jimmy, wearing a brown retro shirt, asks if she's the one. Chloe mentions Javier's name, and suddenly Mom (who doesn't look a day over twenty-five) brightens up: "He's in A-mer-ica?" Well, it's obvious Javier didn't get his accent from her. Chloe tells the woman that Javier is at a friend's house, and that they can take her. "Jess!" Mom tells them. No, Jess is at someone else's house. It doesn't occur to her at all that she shouldn't accept rides from complete strangers in a country where she is undocumented.

Clark is driving. "Great, you found her!" he says into his cell phone, which he sometimes seems to own and sometimes doesn't. Clark tells Javier that Mom is on the way. Javier can't believe that, after two years, he'll get to see her. Smiles all around. As they pass a field, Javier starts to look sad. He says that Clark never told him about Francisco. He pleads to know what happened. Clark tells Javier that his buddy is dead and that the sheriff IDed his body. Clark says he knows it's tough, and that he's lost people close to him, too. Javier asks Clark to stop the car. No, Javier -- in America, it's a truck. Or, "Troka". Clark pulls over. Javier runs into Moleman's farm entrance, Clark following. "Javier!" Clark calls. He tells Javier that he has to get him out of there. Javier regrets taking his friend with him. Clark uses his sad eyes. Javier yanks off his necklace. Stupid necklace! "Why didn't I give this to Francisco?" Javier asks himself. Because you were gonna sell it for bread money? Clark tells him it's not his fault. Now repeat it ten times then give him a hug as he backs away. Clark tells Javier that they'll go see his mom. Suddenly, a dirt explosion takes out Clark. Javier is covered in dust. "Clark!" he calls. Something in the field moves, with a loud rumble, toward Javier, who runs away. The shape continues. Javier stumbles and falls. Before the dust cloud can overtake Javier, it spits out a body. The gurgling stops. Javier sees Farmer Moleman lying on the ground, breathing hard. Clark, dirty, walks over. Hero! Without much effort. Javier smiles at Clark. Clark finds the necklace right there on the ground, even though Javier ran away from it. Clark hands over the necklace. More deep looks of admiration between the boy and the man-child. For lack of any competition, it's the Gayest Look of the Episode. Let's get out of here. (I hope somebody's taking care of the Moleman, by the way.)

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