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Alien Nation

Kent Farm. The cows moo in agreement that this episode should end soon. Clark and his dirty ward enter through the kitchen. MamaKent should be yelling at them for tracking in all this dust. Javier's mom is there, and she gasps and hugs her son. MamaKent smiles. How's your immigration policy now? Javier's mom asks what happened. "Clark saved me," says Javier. Clark says that Javier should get to a hospital to get checked out. Gee, I wonder which one they'll go to. Javier says they can't. Because they're illegal. Thank the Lord. MamaKent says that she hopes they won't have to worry about that: she's trying to get their family legal status. Now, I'm glad she's doing this, but if you're all the other undocumented workers who don't have a senator helping you personally, I imagine you'd be a little annoyed here. Clark asks if MamaKent can really do that. MamaKent says that she's working on it. She opens up a First Aid Kit, saying that she's been talking to the boy's mom, and he seems like an amazing kid. Amazingly acculturated. She says that she'd be proud to see him as a citizen someday. So if he wasn't a great kid, he'd be on his way back to Mexico on a bus? Clark asks about MamaKent's position as a senator. She says that sometimes, when you deal with extraordinary people, you need to take a risk. Clark smiles. MamaKent says she learned that lesson from her son. It's one of very few lessons she's learned from him.

Luthor Manor. Lex, all in black, is playing the piano. With Lana gone, I was hoping for the theme from Risky Business, but it is not to be. Lana, wearing a disturbing red top with a bow at the collar, enters. Lex didn't know she was coming? Still sitting, Lex kisses her hand and asks about her trip. Lana says that she was a small-town Kansas girl with a presidential suite and a limousine at her beck and call. Yes, but how was the trip? Amsterdam. You know, the one in Europe? She says that it was definitely a change. A change from living in a castle? Lex says he's sorry if she felt uncomfortable. Lana says that she wasn't -- it was amazing. "It's easy to get used to, isn't it?" Lex asks. Lana was impressed that two thousand people lined up for that exhibit, and that the ocean parted, letting her go straight to the front. I'll bet Lana's a joy to watch at Sea World. Lana says she realized that money isn't just luxury; it's power. Welcome to money, Lana. Lex thinks about that, wondering why he asked someone so slow to marry him. Going into game-show-host mode, Lex says, "And that power can be yours too now." All for the low, low price of your eternal soul! Lana says, "Think of all the good we can do in the world." Or all the bad they can do in bed. Lana smiles, saying she knows where she wants to start. She pulls out a copy of the Daily Planet. The front-page headline is about the immigrant-smuggling ring. It says that Smallville is seeking an action plan to help migrant workers. Lex half-smiles, but says nothing.

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