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Alien Nation

Jimmy walks off. Chloe loses it and asks Clark not to ask her any follow-up questions. Clark compliments Chloe on her byline. Her story on the front page (down and to the left) has the headline, "Cornfield killer nabbed." "Nabbed," see? Chloe says that the story wouldn't have had a happy ending if not for Clark. Clark looks glum. Chloe tries to remind him of all the good he just did. She says that there are only so many hours in the day. "See, that's the thing," says Clark. Oh, great. Now he's mopey about the existence of time. Clark says that he can't solve the world's problems. Chloe says that she doesn't know anyone who does more for this world than he does. What about Bono? Oprah? The iPod? Clark has to think about that. It's hard to do.

Back at the farm. The cows have been in the episode three times, and they're starting to crack from the pressure. Clark is sawing something with an electric circular saw. He's not wearing safety goggles, which is a nice touch, given that he doesn't need them. Lana, still wearing her billowy red top, walks in behind Clark. "Clark!" says Lana. It's like she wants him to cut off a finger, trying to scare him like that. Clark says he thought she was in Amsterdam. She says she's back. Lana asks whether MamaKent is around. Lana couldn't go to the front door? Clark says that MamaKent is in Topeka. Lana says that she brought some paperwork for her, and asks whether she should leave it in the house. Clark offers to take it, saying it must be important if Lana is hand-delivering it herself. Lana says that LuthorCorp wants to sponsor all the workers and give them jobs at the plant. In ultra-snotty mode, Clark says, "You realize the only reason Lex is doing this is to wash his hands of it." Whatadick. Lana says that Lex had no idea what was happening at that farm. Which, it seems, is true to some degree. "Lana, you don't believe that," Clark tells her. "Unlike some people I know, Lex doesn't lie to me," Lana fires back. Whack! Full point, Lana. Clark says that Lex wants his name cleared of murder and slavery, so he sends a messenger to do his clean-up work. Lana says that she's not Lex's messenger, and that this was her idea. Still not raising her voice, Lana says that she resents Clark for thinking she's Lex's puppet to manipulate. Clark backtracks, claiming he didn't mean it like that. Lana says that's exactly what Clark meant. She gives him a sad look and walks away. Clark sighs. It's so hard being so self-righteous, isn't it, Clark? Tinkly music starts to play.

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