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Alien Nation

Country road. Clark has taken the blue family truck to McNally Farms. Yep, they raise almanacs and street maps right out of the soil! As Clark drives, he sees a beat-up truck from the sheriff's department drive past. Clark waves.

At the farm, workers are carrying baskets of fruit. Farmer Moleman lifts his hat and wipes the sweat on his brow to greet Clark, bellowing, "Well, it's been a long time!" Clark says he thought all Moleman's crops were destroyed in the last meteor shower. Farmer Moleman squints out into the distance, saying he's come to see the meteor shower as a blessing in disguise. A deadly, town-destroying blessing. Oh, do go on. He says it taught him that, with a little (lot) hard (undocumented) work, anything's possible. Clark looks around, asking what the deputy who just left wanted. "Lookin' for illegal aliens," says Farmer Moleman. Clark perks up at the word "aliens." Moleman says that all his workers have their papers. They actually don't, because all the papers are in his hand, being waved around for emphasis. Moleman changes gears. He says he was sorry to hear about Clark's father. You live next door and you didn't bother to go to his old man's funeral or visit to give your condolences in person? You are evil! Moleman asks how Clark's mom is holding up. He manages not to ask if she's dating yet or if she likes men who go really far down. Like below soil level. Clark says she's fine, but that their tractor's not so good. Thus ends the strange segue from MamaKent to a broken tractor. Clark claims that they broke an axle, and asks if Moleman might have a spare pivot pin. Does he! "'Pivot pin'?" growls Moleman. Them's fightin' words! Moleman says that he just might. He offers to go check the barn. Clark looks around. He sees workers and hears them speaking Spanish. Clark tells them, "Excuse me. I'm looking for Francisco." The workers ignore the grande gringo. The man who passed out earlier nods to Clark: "En el arbol grande la cinco." "I'm sorry, I don't understand," Clark replies. You don't understand "grande" or "cinco"? Jeez, Clark. ["Seriously -- I even got that much and I took French." -- Wing Chun] The man repeats the words. "Found one!" bellows Moleman. He brings the precious pivot pin to Clark, still in the wrapper. Clark thanks the man. Moleman asks Clark to give his best to the senator. Clark gets into his truck and leaves as Moleman watches his workers.

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