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Mergers And Acquisitions

When they get down to the dock, Danni explains about her birthday and the pool party. Gary promises that it will just be fun by the pool, no game talk or anything. Danni also promises "birthday treats." It's kind of like organizational meetings in college -- you serve pizza, or nobody shows up. Those are the only two choices. Judd says he'll go. Steph says she'll go, too. Danni explains in an interview that she really, truly just wanted to have a little party for her birthday. The two tribes paddle toward Yaxha. On the way there, Jamie grumps to his tribe that he doesn't really want to go, and Cindy says, "Don't let them sway you with their peace offerings." Sway you...into what? Cindy, weirdly, is the last person who should be bitching, because within her own tribe, she's pretty clearly not in with the majority. One would think she might see that forging bonds with Yaxha members for after the merge would be in her best interests. She bitches in a very unbecoming interview that it was hot and a long boat ride, and she thought it was "unnecessary." I mean, nothing they do here is "necessary" in the "flu shot" sense. It's not like she was busy, unless she had next in the card game. Anyway, she says she went along with it because she felt like she had to play along.

When Nakum arrives at camp Yaxha, Lydia gives Amy a big hug. Danni brings down a bowl of chocolates, and Steph doesn't understand how there can be "extra chocolate." Heh. As a general matter, I entirely agree, but she didn't see, among other things, just how much chocolate was thrown at them. If there wasn't extra chocolate, there would be MedEvac helicopters. Nakum grabs some chocolates by the pool. After enjoying their treats, they hop in for a swim. I really did not need to se Judd in his white underpants. That's just...disturbing. And it makes me think of COPS.

A genial Bobby Jon claims that the day is "about fellowship." And that is a guy who has spent a lot of time in church, because I know no other setting where the word "fellowship" is used so often in this kind of context. He spins a weird yarn about how ancient Maya leaders used to smoke together and visit and so forth, and he really should have stuck with "fellowship." Because I can believe he knows how to draw parallels with Sunday afternoon spaghetti feeds a lot more easily than I can believe he knows how to draw parallels with ancient civilizations. Jamie sits grumpily by the side of the pool. Hey, every party has a pooper. He tells us he was just observing, seeing whether Amy and Gary were with their current tribe, or whether they were waiting for the merge to get back with their original tribe. He also thought Stephenie might be getting along too well with everyone, which is a little funny, given the public perception of her these days. In any event, Judd has certainly resolved not to have a good time, so there appears to be no danger whatsoever of that.

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