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Finally, it's time for Nakum to go home, and Steph interviews that Jamie was a little aggressive about suddenly announcing that he wanted to leave. She tells him as the group gets in the boat that she thinks his behavior came off "shady," and he tells her he'll like everyone after the game is over. He interviews that they stayed too long, and goes back to complaining that it was "too friendly" and so forth. I really don't understand what kind of voodoo vibes Jamie is thinking are going to be worked by people like...Brandon. You know? Anyway, as they paddle, Steph and Jamie continue to bicker a little, him telling her he's sticking to "the plan," and her telling him that it's not like she's not sticking to the plan just because she had a good time at the party. Steph tells us that she sometimes doesn't really understand Jamie's behavior. "There could be a clash between he [sic] and I [sic]."

Later, at Yaxha, late on Day 18, the group is hanging out in the pool. And in what is...seriously maybe the grossest thing ever on this show -- yeah, I said it -- we see that Bobby Jon is using his submerged open wound to attract minnows, which he is then trying to grab out of the water with his mouth. Oh, I'm not kidding. I sort of feel myself tilting back and forth from side to side trying not to pass out, even though I am seated. Seriously, y'all, I think I'm traumatized by that. That is so disgusting I may not be able to attract fish with my own oozing sores and then eat them raw ever again.

Gary and Amy have a chat about the fact that if they don't win immunity, they're going to have to fight pretty hard to save themselves. Gary says that Brandon, Danni, and Bobby Jon are still pretty tight, and his sense is that they might be leaning toward getting rid of Amy, so she may be on the block if they lose immunity. She teases Gary about how she'll track him down after the game if he tells lies about her. There's a lot of ho-ho-ho here about how she'll kill him if she finds out afterward that he really is a professional football player, but in fact, every evicted person for about the last four weeks has said over and over that they knew all along that Gary was ex-NFL, and that nobody really cared. In other words, I think Amy's kind of screwing with Gary, because she's since said that everyone knew. My favorite part is that after she talks about how she's going to find him after the game, Gary interviews that because his real name isn't Gary Hawkins, she'll never find him. "She could be searching for years," he says. And assuming that his existing fool's paradise is built on solid ground, that's true, assuming she doesn't, like, watch the show. Or read any publicity about it. In other words, even within Gary's fantasy world in which he's actually pulling this off, that makes no sense.

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