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Mergers And Acquisitions

When the next treemail arrives, it implies that the challenge will have something to do with "excavating" clues. I'll tell you...I thought basing a season on pirates was boring until I saw a season based on archeologists. ["Wait until they get to the season full of allusions to the Lost Bookkeepers of Madagascar." -- Wing Chun] Amy interviews that they really need to win immunity so that, in the event of a merge, they'll go in 5-5, as far as the current tribes. Bobby Jon interviews similarly, that he doesn't want to go into a merge down 6-4, because that will be Pagong City. The tribes head off for the challenge.

The teams head out to a challenge course that appears to be right up against one of their big pyramids. The way this will work, three members of each team will go out, one at a time, to retrieve puzzle pieces from a sand pit. Once you have twelve puzzle pieces, two different members of your tribe are responsible for putting the puzzle together. When finished, the puzzle will resemble the Maya calendar. First tribe to get the puzzle put together will win immunity. Losers to tribal council. Guess who's sitting out the challenge? Lydia! What a surprise. I wonder how much discussion they put into that.

Ready...go! Brandon and Jamie are first out, and they bring back pieces. Next are Bobby Jon and Judd. Then Cindy and Danni. Cindy gets the edge on Danni and sends Jamie out. Danni has trouble getting her piece out, so she gives up. Brandon goes out for Yaxha as Jamie brings back Nakum's fourth piece. So Nakum is now up four pieces to two. Judd goes out for Nakum; Brandon brings back Yaxha's third. Bobby Jon, Judd, Cindy, Brandon, Bobby Jon, Jamie, Danni, Brandon, Bobby Jon, Judd, Jamie...and Bobby Jon takes quite a while to find a piece here, so we wind up tied at nine pieces. Have I mentioned that recapping this kind of a challenge is about as much fun as eating your own hair? Brandon has some trouble finding a piece for Yaxha. Jamie manages to throw a piece right at Steph's foot. ("Why am I always on the tribe with the person who throws a puzzle piece at my ankle? It's like I'm in a bad dream and I can't wake up.") Brandon just has a really difficult time finding a piece, and before you know it, Steph and Rafe are working on the puzzle while Yaxha is still looking for the last piece. Steph and Rafe make surprisingly quick work of the puzzle, and Yaxha never really has a chance to get back in it. As bad as Steph is at puzzles, she's not quite bad enough to squander this particular lead, so Nakum does indeed wind up taking immunity, to the disappointment of Yaxha -- particularly Amy, who has to know she's on the ropes. Jeff sends everybody home, vowing to see Yaxha at tribal council.

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