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Mergers And Acquisitions

Back at camp, Yaxha is grumpy. Even the coatimundi and the impressively armored grasshopper thing don't look pleased. Amy interviews that she took the loss hard, because she knew going in that if they lost immunity, she was going to have a hard time staying in the game. She sits around with Danni as Danni pounds corn. "I just did not want to lose today," Danni says. Farmer Beavis throws a log on the fire. Amy asks Danni whether she has any sort of a shot with Bobby Jon and Farmer Beavis. Danni mutters noncommittally about the approaching merge, and Amy makes the rather strange point that "outwit" is really her only chance, since she'd never outlast or outplay. Danni brings up Bobby Jon's name in a roundabout way, saying that she'd hate to deny him the merge twice in a row, but she then notes that, of course, none of the rest of them has had a chance to make it to a merge either. Amy asks if Bobby Jon is an option, and Danni just isn't sure. This turns into a discussion in which Danni admits that she wasn't crazy about Bobby Jon and Steph getting to come back, since they have such an advantage from having played before. I'm not sure that's really been the case, but I can see how it would feel that way. Amy tells Danni that the Bobby Jon issue might present an opportunity, but that they'd need a third person. Amy says in her interview that she's thinking that approaching Gary with the possibility of voting out Bobby Jon on the basis that he's already had one shot might be her only opportunity to stay in the game.

Amy approaches Gary, who ultimately tells her that if Danni agrees to vote out Bobby Jon, Gary will, too. Amy admits to us that it would be "a miracle" to get this to work, but of course, stranger things have happened. Rain begins to approach as Bobby Jon and Brandon stand around camp. Bobby Jon tells Brandon that he feels worse at this point than he did in Palau. He feels like he's "so close." In a fairly odd interview, Bobby Jon says that making it as far as the jury would be a "lifelong dream." (As one of my friends wondered at the old is Bobby Jon?) He says that second chances are pretty uncommon and that, having been given one, he doesn't want to blow it. Also, who will feed skin to the minnows?

In what I have to admit is a fairly dramatic scene, Danni walks out to the dock in the pouring rain to have a discussion with Farmer Beavis. She interviews that she doesn't really want to send anybody home, so she's not sure what to do. Brandon tells her, clearly sincerely, that he was "hoping it wouldn't come to this." Danni agrees. She raises the issue of the fact that Bobby Jon and Steph have had opportunities to play before. Farmer Beavis agrees that Amy may be "more deserving" of staying in the game than Bobby Jon. Brandon tells Danni that it's really been getting to him, because the game puts you in the position of forming alliances, and those alliances ultimately force you to vote out people you think may "deserve" (again) to stay in the game more than the people in your alliance. Basically, this is the first time Farmer Beavis has been forced to confront the fact that helping yourself and slowly picking off one by one the people you dislike the most aren't always consistent goals.

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