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The Lost Art of Letter-Writing

Over at the Heroes camp, J.T. is actually going through with his plan and writing Li'l Russell a note. Like, a long one. As he writes, we hear his voice reading the letter like he's writing to his love who went off to war or something. Oh my god, and he wrote it in cursive. So fancy! He tells Li'l Russell that he feels like he can trust him even though they've never actually spoken to each other (and Li'l Russell is on the Villains tribe and J.T. never saw his original season), but apparently J.T. doesn't trust that Li'l Russell is not a moron, so he carefully explains what this idol is and how Li'l Russell should use it and who to get rid of on the Villains tribe (Parvati, of course). He reads it to his tribe, even the part where he tells Li'l Russell that they will ally with him "til the girls are done with," like, I wonder how Amanda and Candice feel hearing that. Oh, what am I even saying? They probably didn't even notice. Colby, Rupert, and J.T. pat themselves on the back for this historical play.

Immunity challenge! I have no idea which season this challenge is recycled from, but there's an obstacle course in the water with a rope threaded through it. Five bags of puzzle pieces are attached to the rope, and each contestant must guide one bag through the obstacle course and onto a mat on the beach. Once all five contestants have their bags, they can work on assembling a fairly easy puzzle of a giant Tiki statue. I think this is from the Vanuatu season? The Villains sit Sandra out, and we begin. Jerri and Rupert go first for their tribes, and Jerri has a slight lead throughout the first part of the obstacle course that she soon loses, no doubt weighed down by all that steak. Rupert makes it back to the mat first, though Jerri doesn't seem to be too far behind him. J.T. and Danielle are next, and we have to listen to Probst talk about how Jerri "lost" time for her tribe.

By the time J.T. hits the mat, the Heroes' lead over the Villains looks pretty insurmountable. Amanda jumps in next, then Parvati for the Villains, who are about half a lap behind at this point. She's coming towards the mat as Candice jumps in for the Heroes. Courtney is the next to go, so there goes any hope the Villains had of winning this thing. Also, it leaves Colby and Li'l Russell alone on the platforms, which gives Colby the chance to talk to Li'l Russell. "You going home tonight?" he asks Li'l Russell, who nods sadly. "When the challenge is over you go to J.T. He's gonna give you something. Use it tonight. Protect yourself. Get rid of one of them. You can come on board with us." I love how the Heroes have now painstakingly explained to Li'l Russell how the immunity idol works twice, like they think everyone playing this game is as stupid as they are. Li'l Russell tries not to giggle as he asks Colby who he should use the idol to get out. "Parvati," Colby says. "She's running the show," Li'l Russell says; "I wish I could shake your hand." "We'll have plenty of time for that,' Colby says. With that, Candice makes it to the mat and Colby dives in the water, leaving Li'l Russell standing on the platform shaking his head in amazement at just how very far the stupidity and shortsightedness of others has gotten him in this game.

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