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Striking It Rich a Second Time

Speaking of him, Rudy's segment opens with him saluting in front of a battleship. In his interview, he says that two months on an island wouldn't be a problem for him. Somebody interviewing him asks whether there were any gays in the Navy SEALs. Rudy says that there was one, but he committed suicide. Rudy says he wouldn't want to run into a gay person. As Rudy speaks, the CBS logo hangs loudly behind him. They ask if he would vote against someone if they were gay or lesbian. He looks at the camera for a second, and when they tell him just to be honest, he says he would. "Black?" they ask. "No," he says.

On the island, Rudy is shown doing push-ups while he talks about how he doesn't know what MTV is and how he'd run the island if it were up to him. "I've gotta fit in, not them," he says. He says his opinion of people has changed, especially Rich, who he says is smart and strong. "He's fat, but he's good," Rudy concludes. Rudy is also shown saying how nice "the homosexual is." And he talks about how he and Richard got to be friends, but of course, not in a homosexual way. Quick shot of him rubbing lotion on Rich's back. The next bit is about how Rudy doesn't really trust women too much and feared a women's alliance. "I don't think they have enough brains to do that," he decides. He also makes fun of how they say "awesome" a lot. Then, the nitty gritty. Rudy talks about how he joined the alliance. Some conversations that presumably went on early on between Rich and Rudy are shown.

The final challenge, "Hands on the Immunity Idol" -- a shameless rip-off of Hands on a Hard Body -- is shown. Rich's speech where he let go of the idol and let the chips fall where they may comes next. The bit where Rudy took his hand off for a second ends the segment. At the tribal council, Kelly votes for Rudy, explaining that she thinks she has a better shot at beating Rich than she does beating Rudy in the final vote. "I don't blame her," Rudy says as he leaves. In his closing, Rudy says his advice to anyone playing is to form an alliance and stick to it. Are you Survivor 2 folks listening? Rudy says he never thought he'd make it so far, especially since he got quite a few votes early on.

The final leg. A strange fire montage with Rich and Kelly where they light a fire together at sunset. I don't get it at all.

Kelly's segment begins in Vegas, showing her on the strip. Then, we get a close-up of her tongue ring. Her audition tape shows her in a kitchen, again showing off her tongue piercing, then her ass tattoo. We see some crack. In her audition interview, she talks about her river boat and how people usually don't like her when they first meet her, but grow to like her. She brings up the fact that she's a Cancer on the Zodiac and she's usually not into possessions like she's supposed to be under that sign. Her personality doesn't seem to come across on video, and I'm still puzzled as to how she was chosen in the first place except as a polar opposite to Rudy and B.B.

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