Survivor Season 1: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Striking It Rich a Second Time

Jeff talks a bit about the challenges of filming and sound on an island. He mentions Burnett's Eco-Challenge show and how his crew was really happy to have such a huge challenge. Hey, that's not what we heard. Some of the lights and sound equipment, including the tribal challenge stage, are shown. Probst also shows off the place where everybody on crew eats, the one phone they all have access to, and the Survivor home office.

Burnett looks a little like a healthier, more kid-like version of Peter MacNicol. Probst talks about how hard it was to remain impartial. He says that it was hard, but "delicious" when Jenna didn't get her tape from her kids. ["'Delicious'? Dude, Dr. Evil much?" -- Wing Chun] He said as it was happening, he knew it was good TV. Bastard.

Burnett talks about how they thought B.B. would be a kind, grandfatherly type, but how he ended up being a hard-ass. Probst talks about how Greg was disrespectful during the first tribal council and how it pissed him off. Probst makes it sound like he had an epiphany that Greg was actually a great guy and his weirdness would make good TV. Yeah, bullshit. I'm sure you all edited the hell out of him as revenge. ["There was a lot in the book about Probst hating Greg for messing him up by being interesting." -- Wing Chun]

Burnett reveals they thought Rich would be the first person voted off the island. ["Me too!" -- Wing Chun] Probst gives us a news flash and says that Rich won the game by being manipulative.

Burnett says that the challenges were created by a very talented "challenges team." Oh yeah, do they put that in their job descriptions? Probst is shown at a white board which has very complicated schematics for a challenge. Yeah, right, like they involved any planning at all.

Probst says that the yacht night was a great moment of Survivor. Burnett explains that eight family members were held at the airport with tickets and the moment the challenge was decided, someone would get on a plane and get to the yacht. Then the contestants were told that the yacht was being delayed, it was not a lie. Oh, and the woman who massaged Sean, was not a real masseuse. It was just a ruse until Sean's dad made it up. ["Also in the book." -- Wing Chun] Again: bastards.

Burnett says they made a mistake following the yacht reward with the bottle of beer -- that the prizes needed to get bigger and bigger. Burnett says they had a brainstorm to give the person a night with Jeff with the beer in a bar. That was a brilliant idea for a reward? Maybe these producers aren't as smart as we thought. Jeff reveals that the island bar was actually the production mess hall. ["Blah book blah blah." -- Wing Chun]

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