Survivor Season 1: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Striking It Rich a Second Time

"I try not to think about it."

"I really think you should have a look at this," Dr. Melfi says, handing me a copy of a DVD with the Survivor logo emblazoned on the front. A portly man in silhouette holds a torch on shallow water.

"Are you insane? You want me to go back? Look at Colleen's bitten-up legs? Endure Sean's quarter-wittedness? Unleash my hatred for all that is Sue?"

"I think this could help you. I think it could end the nightmares."

I shake my head. The fear again. Was I ready to risk my sanity again? Could I stare, unshaken, at the Ass of Hatch and remain uncorrupted by its evil influence?

I took the DVD home. I kept the phone nearby, Dr. Melfi's cell phone number set on the speed dial. Slipped the DVD in. Took a deep breath. Said a silent prayer.

The DVD first greets viewers with a menu playing the theme song (Richard Hatch Ass Flashback #1) as the background displays a fly-around of the island that was the setting for so much drama, laughter, and pain last summer. Small boxes on the menu screen show flashes of island locales, faces of Survivor Contestants and some of the wildlife (like the stuff living on Colleen's legs and the tree rot that infests Sean's brain). Options are "Play," "Set Up" (which offers subtitles, "Scene Selection," and "Special Features.") I should say right off, the Special Features doesn't have much of anything that wasn't already available on the official website. Those of us who were obsessed with the show last summer have already seen the profiles, read information on the island, examined the voting history for each contestant, and giggled over some of the luxury items (Sue's tweezers, for instance, or the fact that Richard brought a journal with him and must have assumed he'd eventually score a book deal ["Which he did." -- Wing Chun]). It's still nice to have all the info in one place, including the videos of the "Final Words" for each contestant. Although they usually aren't very interesting (especially Richard's dreamy "I won" treacle that ended the run of the series), it's good that they're all included. The "Special Features" are also rounded out by a documentary called "Survivor: Inside the Phenomenon." We'll get to that part later on. Also included are short, text-only episode summaries and a map of the island pointing out where different places on the island were in relation to each other, and info on the island itself (wildlife, terrain and climate).

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