Survivor Season 1: The Greatest And Most Outrageous Moments

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Striking It Rich a Second Time

Jenna's digging a latrine at the other camp. The camera lecherously angles behind her and up her skirt as she's lying over the hole digging. She says digging the latrine is her niche. She's all muddy. Jenna says that the thinking is that for #2, they'll rip a shirt to make a strip, use it, and then wash it out. I always wondered about the facilities on the island. Gretchen, Rightful Winner, comes by and Jenna asks if she'd like to take the latrine for a spin. Not literally a spin. The actual toilet, a crate with a butt-shaped hole in it over the deep hole, actually looks very hospitable.

Strange drum-accompanied shot of Sonja's name and photo. Then we see her doing the backstroke in a swimming pool. Ooh, here begin the profiles. Some ethereal, lite-rock sounding vocals play. Close up of Sonja in her swimming cap. Titles read, "Sonja Christopher 63 Cancer Survivor San Francisco." Cancer survivor? That's what she does for a living? She introduces herself. She says in her audition tape, as she's standing next to some trees and looking very fit, that she's an active older person. According to her, there are over 75 million people in the U.S. over 50. "Are you listening, CBS ratings folks?" she seems to be implying. She's holding her ukulele. She brags that she was recently at a three-day outdoor training camp and has done some mountain biking and orienteering. Orienteering? She goes on about courage and her will to succeed. We go immediately to her audition interview and she says this is a big step for her. She comes across really, really well, like the nicest person on the island. Sonja, we hardly knew ye.

Back on the island, Sean is treating Sonja for a cut on her leg. She says one of the problem of old age is the thinning of the skin. Holy crap! Does that really happen? My sweet aging skin... (whimper) Sean asks about her cancer. She says she went through 37 radiation treatments. Damn.

Flash of the first competition. Sonja explains how she was told to run instead of swim while helping to carry this big wooden plank up to the beach through the water. We're shown footage of her stumbling and she tells us her feet couldn't find the ground. She's dragging everything down. That was what did her in. She acknowledges that it cost them the immunity challenge.

First tribal council. We immediately go to the votes (not the long-ass Probst intro). Sue spells it "Souna." Dumb-ass. Rudy and Sean also vote for Sonja, spelling her name correctly. Sean loses his innocence, but not his stupidity. "It kills me, it breaks my heart," he says. Dirk votes for Sonja and says she can't handle the island physically. Jeff announces Sonja as the first person voted off. "The tribe has spoken." The torch is put out. Sonja, in her jaunty island hat, says, "Go get 'em, guys." What a class act. Shame on everyone else. In her closing words, she sounds almost happy, saying she bonded with everyone and probably would have voted the same way. We love you, Sonja.

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