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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

Kent Farm. Clark is up in the Barnness of Soon-to-be-Gayitude reading what looks like a yearbook. Lex comes up. Oh my. He says he wanted to see if Clark's dad is doing okay. Clark says that Bo says he's all right. Lex says it doesn't sound like Clark's convinced. Clark says he found the yearbook for his dad's senior class. Bo and Ethan were buddies. "To Jonathan: A great quarterback, a better friend. Ethan." Clark says you grow up with someone and you think you know them: "Darkness like that just doesn't come out of nowhere." Nope, it takes about four seasons. Long look from Lex. "Sorry about your company," Clark says after a pause. He asks what'll happen next. Lex says his dad thinks Lex will come back and work for him. Clark asks if he will. Lex says it's hard to imagine working for someone who could give four people motivation to kill him. Word. "Even you," Clark says. Several small almost-Gayest looks. Lex says that the darkness Clark was talking about is something he doesn't think people are born with. He says people like Papa Luthor find a way to bring it out. "So, we okay?" Lex asks. Oh hell yeah. Clark says he wishes he could help with Papa Luthor. Lex says he can take him. He stares at Clark with barn-burning amour. It's The Gayest Look of the Episode.

Hospital. Lex is visiting Papa Luthor. Papa's in a neck brace. "Dad?" Lex says. Papa Luthor's voice is raspy. He says that Lex has had a busy few days. Lex tells him that Ethan has been charged with murder and attempted murder. With a small smile, Papa says, "It truly is a sad day in Smallville." Lex says the truth will come out eventually, but that he'd like to hear it from Papa Luthor first. Papa Luthor clears his throat and says they just had a misunderstanding.

The camera pans down the bed and we transition to Ethan getting in to Papa Luthor's limo. "Sheriff," he greets. Ethan has brought some documents. "These are all good people. They just happened to have made a few mistakes," Ethan says. Papa Luthor says we're all only human. Papa Luthor says these "good people" sit on the board of his son's company and need a little incentive to sell their shares to him. Ooh! Evil! Ethan says goodbye. Papa Luthor hopes it'll be the beginning of a long relationship. Ethan says it's just for this one time. Papa asks if that proviso came before or after he asked for cash in advance. This is so evil. Ethan says he was strapped. "But don't think you own me," he says. Ethan says he's kept track of Papa Luthor's backdoor shenanigans (boy, howdy!), and that he'll make a phone call if he has to. "Would that be to your attorney?" Papa Luthor asks. Because the attorney passed along Ethan's documented evidence. So this is what it's like to crush a tiny man. Ethan is worried. Papa Luthor says that his reputation in Smallville is not important, but for Ethan it's his "lifeblood." "Sheriff. That's an elected position, isn't it?" he asks. Oh man. Ethan tells Papa Luthor not to threaten him and calls him a son of a bitch. Papa chuckles. "Good evening, Sheriff," he responds. Ethan angrily gets out of the limo.

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