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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

The Torch. Chloe is at a light table, putting together a front page with a big picture of Bo and the headline, "Jonathan Kent arrested in Luthor shooting." There's also a headline about a local hacker saving City Hall from a computer virus. Chloe is wearing a very tight top. She's also got red streaks in her hair. Lana walks by the hall and comes in. Why is Chloe sad and Lana's all cheery? Chloe says that sometimes being an objective journalist really sucks. Preach it! Lana says she can't believe her flaky sperm-donor dad didn't take Bo's case. Chloe says that people usually hate it when she does this, but she thought it was weird that he didn't take the case too, so she ran a search on Henry Small's legal history. You bastard! Since Lana's not freaking out, Chloe continues. Lana wants to know. Chloe smiles and pulls out some files. She says that Henry used to be a top white-collar criminal defense lawyer. He used to do a lot of business with LuthorCorp. Chloe even has a purple file folder for that. Lana asks if maybe Henry thought it was a conflict of interest. Chloe says that it's not much different from all the other times he's taken on the Luthors. Chloe says that LuthorCorp filed a complaint against Henry that got him fired from his law firm. Lana says that explains why he hates the Luthors, but not why he won't take the case. Chloe says that her computer only spits out facts; if Lana wants motivation, she has to go ask Henry.

Lex is back at his office. He concludes a phone conversation by telling a doctor to keep him posted. Clark busts in through the airtight security. He says that Dominic told him Lex and his dad got into a fight right before the shooting. "Why didn't you tell the police?" Clark demands. Lex asks if Clark is implying that Lex pulled the trigger. "It's not like I haven't seen you shoot someone before," Clark says. Holy crap! How many deaths have you caused yourself, you dumb, super ass? Your death toll is pretty high, too. Lex tells Clark to get out before he says something he'll really regret. Clark says he wants answers. "Are you trying to frame my dad?" Clark asks. Lex gets up, pissed, and says he thought Clark knew him better than the average tabloid reader. Clark tells Lex that if he doesn't get the truth from him, what else is he supposed to think? Lex tells Clark to stay out of it. Clark says that his dad's life is at stake here. "So is my father's!" Lex yells. Clark looks at Lex with sudden empathy and understanding. He wants to kiss him so badly it hurts him in a super place. Lex says, "Goodbye, Clark." Clark leaves. Lex looks after him sadly. Then he looks up toward the scene of the crime.

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