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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

Dexter, however, looks amped at the idea of having such a worthy adversary, and tells Isaak Pullo there's just one problem: "I'm not some fat little man." Isaak Pullo laughs, this time without mirth, and admits that he doesn't know who Dexter is. Dexter, his eyes starting to shift wildly: "If you ever find out, you'll regret it." He hangs up with purpose, and Isaak Pullo clasps his hands together in interested consideration. A powerful killer waiting behind bars with a desire to kill Dexter that will never fade? That is a setup that will keep.

Dexter answers his door -- for all the people out there after him, you'd think he'd ask who it is -- but it's Deb, who hands over the photograph. Dexter at least looks stunned at the near miss, and although he at first protests her involvement again, soon he can't help but smile that this time, she saved him. He thanks her, but she tells him she can't be involved in that part of his life anymore. "I know you're not gonna stop, but I don't want to know about it." And honestly, this feels earned -- Deb has seen and been through enough in the past few episodes to have her moral compass permanently recalibrated. She berates herself for having had to lie to Batista, and adds that all the stealing and lying and covering up isn't her. Dexter wonders if LaGuerta's investigation is closed, and Deb has to admit that she does not think so. Dexter guesses that if Keith Carradine didn't figure him out, there's no reason to think LaGuerta will, and as he gets two beers out of the refrigerator, Deb chuckles mirthlessly about what Keith Carradine would say if he could see her now.

She pauses again, and smiles for real this time as she says she's been thinking about Myrtle Beach a lot, how they ran up and down the shore and how she always chased him but couldn't catch him. Dexter laughs genuinely as he recalls that she wouldn't take off her flippers, but Deb thinks that even if she had, "You were always just out of reach." Dexter offers that maybe they're learning it's better that way, and Deb nods; as if to prove that point to the viewer, she goes on to ask about the blood report from the dig. When Dexter says he got it back, she asks if there's anything she should know. Dexter, after a pause: "Nope." He burns the photograph as DVO tells us that as kids, he and Deb would try to outrun the waves, but he would always dive under them. "I'd swim deep, because I could withstand the pull of the tide." As the flames consume his image, DVO goes on, "But Deb was always safest at shore. From here on out, I'll face the depths by myself." And while certain threats may lie dormant for the moment, this Hannah situation is only going to get more complicated. Will she be an ally, an enemy, or both?

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