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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

Bismarck Metro. In the parking garage, Dexter comes clean to Deb about how she might be in danger because of how he killed Viktor. Deb, essentially: "Great." She's stunned to hear that the bartender suicide was a setup job, but is even more so when she learns that Dexter withheld the evidence of Viktor's fingerprint at the scene. She wonders what happened to his credo of only "taking care of" people who slip through the cracks of the justice system, and asks how she's supposed to do her job -- "which at this point is the be-all end-all of hypocrisy" now that she's helping cover up a third murder here -- with him getting in the way. She stomps off with the idea that she'll arrest Isaak Pullo, but Dexter pleads with her, saying he can't afford to risk Isaak Pullo talking, so he'll handle the situation, but until then, the two of them need to crash in a hotel, not use their own cars, make sure they don't follow set patterns in entering work -- you know, normal stuff. Deb makes Dexter promise that he'll never take a case from the Police Department again, and Dexter agrees. Deb: "Are you lying to me?" Dexter: "I don't think so." HA! This show has found its humor again, too. Deb sardonically says she has no way of knowing anyway before leaving, and it's kind of funny that this meeting about evading danger is happening in a parking garage, which on TV tends to be a less safe place than... well, a drug-den bar, not that I have any reason for that to be in my head.

With his trademark needle and latex glove within reach, Dexter is staking out the strip club. When he sees a town car pull up for Isaak Pullo and observes how Isaak Pullo behaves, he has no trouble figuring out that Isaak Pullo isn't some hitman -- he's a boss. He doesn't have time for much else, though, as Batista calls with the news that Hannah is coming in -- she's going to talk them through her road trip with Randall and help them find the rest of the bodies, so Dexter agrees to return...

...and then he and Batista are sitting with the woman in question, who's matching evidence (presumably the stuff that Beth Grant turned over) to locations of crimes she and Randall committed. When they get to the Miami crimes, Hannah lets them know that Randall killed people who were staying in cheap motels so they could take their rooms -- one of which, represented by the necklace, was near the Frosty Swirl. The other two, represented by the toy giraffe and the lighter, were, according to Hannah, a couple, and are buried close to one of the ports and near a motel she'd probably still recognize. Hannah then tells them that Randall changed in Miami, and she was so scared of him, to the point where every time she dug a grave she thought it might be her own.

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