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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

Dexter, however, no stranger to ersatz displays of emotion, watches her with a jaundiced eye, and when Batista goes to take care of some paperwork, Dexter observes Hannah pick up the giraffe with a fond, longing look and realizes that she's nostalgic for those days. Dexter breaks her reverie with "No touching," which makes me hope MCH gets a guest appearance on the new upcoming eps of Arrested Development. Hannah tries to say it was Randall's giraffe, but Dexter thinks it was hers, and after a little back-and-forth about that, Dexter tells Hannah that Batista will let her know where to be for the next day. Hannah asks if Dexter will be there, and rather than discuss Isaak Pullo, LaGuerta, or any of the other million problems he's currently got, he merely replies, "I hope so." I appreciate the brevity, pal.

In, coincidentally, a cheap motel, Deb is apparently in the shower while Dexter is looking over a police database titled "Known Associates of the Koshka Bratva," like, I doubt a government database has a UI this friendly but I'm impressed with the mock-up, at least. Of interest is a piece about the Koshkas clashing with the Colombians over the heroin trade, and I appreciate the show putting up an actual story about it even if the use of apostrophes within leaves something to be desired. Also, DVO, not knowing that Isaak Pullo has gone a bit rogue in pursuing Dexter, thinks that he might bring all the Koshkas down on him if he kills Isaak Pullo, which explains the rather more elaborate plan we'll soon see. Deb complains about the water temperature in the shower before asking, rather neutrally, if Dexter's plan to take care of their problem involves killing anyone, but Dexter tells her no. She might have been better advised to ask if his plan involves death, but since it's going to go off the rails there's no point in bothering.

Deb wants to know the plan, but Dexter won't share, so she gets into bed and grumpily says this isn't how she ever imagining spending that night, and given that Dexter is in the process of removing his shirt, I have to say I'm SO GLAD TO HEAR IT. But what follows is an adorable character-building scene in which the two of them reminisce about trips they took to Myrtle Beach to visit their maternal aunt. With just the bedside lamp on, Deb recalls that Dexter kept watch over her all day, and Dexter takes a moment before replying that he didn't want Deb to drown. Deb turns to regard him and admits that Dexter was her hero, and in that simple little scene we can understand how Deb might be realizing that Dexter still is, at least partially, the same person she's always known, even as she comes to terms with the other things he is.

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