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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

On the beach the next day, we see Hannah sitting in a nearby car fanning herself as Batista complains that it's sweltering even with the ocean breeze. Dexter thinks that since they located the motel Hannah and Randall stayed at, their odds of finding the bodies are good, and then Batista turns the conversation to his new favorite topic by asking Dexter if he thinks the bartender at the strip club killed himself. Dexter rattles off the forensic evidence, but before Batista can reply, he gets bitten by a bug and goes to get some spray out of his car, leaving Hannah open to come over to talk to Dexter. She wonders how Dexter can do his job, remembering that the first time Randall killed someone, she froze with horror upon seeing all the blood. Dexter reminisces about the first crime scene he ever worked -- a woman had stabbed her husband after fixing him a sandwich. Well, if he complained about her being out of Miracle Whip, I could understand. Hannah makes the subtext into text as she observes that the two of them are swapping gore stories like they're on a date sharing their first sexual experiences, but before the bloody talk gets them so hot they pass out, a barking police dog signals to Dexter that he's got some work to do.

And he's not the only one, as Deb is just getting to Barnes's family's house -- when LaGuerta pulls up to join her. Uh oh. LaGuerta explains that the errand she went on turned out to be a bust, and since this was on her way back to the station, she thought she'd sit in. Not having an elevator handy, Deb takes this in stride. When they ring the bell, a teenaged boy answers (well, the actor, Bubba Smith, is 23, but he looks younger; also, he apparently played Simon in the American remake of The Inbetweeners, which I will not be watching) and tells them his mom got called into work, but he'd be happy to try to answer any questions if that'd be of interest. Deb's "No thanks!" is trumped by LaGuerta's "Awesome!" so in they go.

Inside, LaGuerta asks when the last time the kid, "Tyler," saw his dad was, and Tyler names a date in May 2007 that he adds was the "best fucking day of my life." Sounds like he and Trinity's boy would have a thing or two to talk about. Deb asks for clarification, so Tyler tells her that his dad beat him and his mother every chance he got, and once he was gone, their lives got so much better. LaGuerta asks about the wedding Barnes was working when he disappeared, and Tyler tells her that his mother printed out some pictures from that night she thought the police might want. I... don't know how these still exist? Presumably, Barnes had his camera equipment on him when Dexter nabbed him, so how would these have made their way back to his wife? So far this season, the show's been pretty good about leaving some plausible explanation for developments like these, but I have to admit I'm stumped on this one.

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