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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

Deb: "So we're looking for the fucking Terminator." Dexter defeatedly sighs, but Deb isn't done -- she wants blood work immediately so they can try to match it to a name. She asks everyone but Dexter and Masuka to clear out, and Quinn asks permission to run an errand, which is given. When no one else is within earshot, Deb asks Dexter if this was all part of his "fantastic plan," and Dexter has to admit that this was a wrinkle he didn't anticipate, but they can still make things work if they can find a match for the blood. Deb: "The sooner the better." I guess at this point Dexter would rather Isaak Pullo talk than... well, do what he did here.

It turns out that Quinn's errand was driving Nadia to the strip club, and I wonder how that, um, "information exchange" between them is going. Meanwhile, as Isaak Pullo gets his arm stitched up by his mute bodyguard, Jason Gedrick blathers about how they have to pay the Colombians back. This is weird -- it doesn't seem like Isaak Pullo told Jason Gedrick about Dexter's involvement in all this, but I'm not sure what Jason Gedrick thinks Isaak Pullo was doing walking into that bar by himself. Among many other things, it doesn't seem like the part of town you go to for good vodka. Jason Gedrick is then chagrined to see Quinn canoodling with Nadia, and Isaak Pullo asks who he is, like, didn't he tell Nadia to get close to him? Show, you were doing so well. Jason Gedrick tells Isaak Pullo about the understanding he used to have with Quinn, the one that involved leaving large bags of cash in his car, which would get Quinn to look the other way from certain things. Isaak Pullo turns to his mute goon, who kind of nods barely perceptibly and hilariously...

...and when Quinn gets to his car, he finds a paper bag on the front seat with, as you might expect, lots of cash in it. He's not super-happy about it, but after considering, he puts it in the glove compartment and drives off. Well, at least he can keep Nadia in way better than the style to which she's become accustomed.

With Deb hanging over his shoulder, Dexter's computer succeeds in matching the blood to Isaak Pullo, and just like that, the man himself is being hauled in, cuffs on his wrists. Good thing he went quietly, as I'm assuming, because if he'd put up a fight it would have made Speltzer look like a sleepy kitten by comparison. Deb goes to meet Isaak Pullo, who's flanked by his attorney and Batista, and after the lawyer informs Deb that Isaak Pullo will not be answering any questions, she tells Batista to get him to Booking. "Your client's going to jail for the rest of his life." Isaak Pullo blandly calls after her that it's nice to meet her, adding her name to the end, but his amused smile vanishes momentarily when he catches sight of Dexter. DVO wonders if now that Isaak Pullo's going to be behind bars, they can have their little chat. Isaak Pullo is led away...

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