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Talk To The Hand, Because The Face Is Unconscious

At Montpelier Metro, as they head in for a briefing, Greene and Masuka take note of some the poison gas off, I guess, and after Masuka tells Greene he'll be needed in Evidence for the next few days, a female agent from Homeland Security informs the group that HS will be taking over the investigation for the moment, and if they'll cooperate it will all be over soon. There are many ways I could take an answering joke, one filthier than the next, but since these guys really are going to clear out quickly it hardly seems worth it, although it would take my mind off the awful segue to EJO's severed hand that DVO puts us through.

Quinn, who looks like hell, catches Batista and tries to apologize, but although he sounds sincere, Batista tells him that he's grateful, but their partnership needs trust, and he violated that. Seriously, do these two always sound like quarreling boyfriends or what? Except for the fact that if they were actual boyfriends, I might give half a shit.

Saint Therapist asks Deb how she's doing, and Deb brings up her worry about Dexter. Saint Therapist notes that Dexter holds a very important place in her life, and Deb affirms that she doesn't know what her life would be like without him. Saint Therapist wonders if Deb's feelings for Dexter are the reason she's chosen unsuitable men in the past, and Deb lets the full implications of that sink in before answering, in a much colder tone than before, "He's my brother." Saint Therapist notes that they're not biologically related, and says it would be understandable, given everything they've shared, for her to have developed complex feelings for him. This is as close as they've gotten to some actual insight into uncomfortable subjects, so of course Deb gets defensive and flustered and says that it sounds like Saint Therapist is implying that she wants to be with him. Saint Therapist: "Well do you?" I love this woman. And I remember one of the first things my therapist said to me was that there would be times when I would get angry with him, and that would be okay. The point is, you do not get up and storm out when that happens, as Deb does here, although it's hardly unexpected. Oh, Deb. You were doing so well!

DVO declares Dexter's intention to get the EJO hand out of the morgue so he can stage his own tableau when Greene finds him and thanks him for his honesty about the video game. Dexter rather clearly could not give a shit about Greene, which is sad, but Greene also fails to take a hint in blathering on that he's realized he needs not to be on the sidelines anymore, whatever that may mean. When Dexter gets on the elevator, though, Greene is nice enough to say that he hopes Dexter is feeling better, so it would make me happy if Dexter started treating him like a life form higher than, say, lichen.

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