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That Isn't The Question

House walks by Cecilia, being sure to slam his cane down on her toe. She jumps up, about to yell at him, but then she notices his cane and changes her attitude immediately. House apologizes, being sure to stare at the watching Cuddy as he does so. Cecilia tells House not to worry at all, and they shake hands. Cuddy is all impressed with House for doing what she ordered him to, and not in a half-assed way, either. Cameron smiles, because she finds men who attack women almost as sexy as men who die tragically. Cuddy asks Cecilia if everything is okay, and Cecilia says her foot hurts, but that it was all her fault. All three of those women are suckers.

Sebastian packs his things. Cameron walks in with a wheelchair and a six-month supply of TB medicine. He says he'll be back for a refill in two months. He'll be giving away four months' worth of his pills to his African friends, because he is the BizarroHouse, and therefore, he doesn't hoard and abuse his pills; he shares them. He invites Cameron to bring him the refill in Africa, but she turns him down. They hug and kiss on the cheek as some music starts up on the soundtrack.

Outside the hospital, Sebastian walks into a gaggle of reporters and photographers. House and Wilson watch from their shared balcony, and House says thatSebastian's cause isn't about the dying Africans; it's about media stroking. Wilson realizes what House's real problem with Sebastian is: "He enjoys what he does." House doesn't answer that, just saying that he saved Sebastian's life, which means he gets assist points for every life Sebastian saves from now on. Wilson returns to his office, leaving House alone with nary a reporter in sight.

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