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Sebastian asks Cameron to give him a hand tying the back of his gown. He turns around, and Cameron sneaks a quick peek at Sebastian's butt and then does the perfect smirk. Either Cameron's much cooler in this episode, or I'm just going easy on her because I'd act the same way if I were Ron Livingston's doctor. Sebastian isn't pleased that he's being tested for a heart condition when he clearly has TB, but Cameron points out that he has to do what his sponsors tell him to. But she will give him a secret PPD. It's hard to tell who's more pleased with Cameron at her deliberate disobedience of her boss: Sebastian, or Cameron herself. She wheels him to his echocardiogram.

House talks to some guy in the elevator about how much he hates do-gooders like Sebastian. Wait a minute -- that's Wilson he's talking to! I forgot what he looked like for a minute there, which is easy to do when you consider that Wilson is kind of invisible on this show. Wilson thinks the root of House's dislike is jealously, because Sebastian cures thousands of people a year while House only cures about thirty. Actually, the number is more like twenty-two, depending on the season's episode order. House counters that quantity is not an indicator of quality, using McDonald's hamburgers as an example. Wilson asks if House is saying that the Third World people Sebastian cures aren't as important as House's patients. Judging by House's fondness for calling his black employee "Dr. Mandingo," I'd say Wilson is correct. House leaves him to go to the Clinic.

House's patient is a woman with clogged sinuses, caused by her mother dying and leaving her a cat to take care of that she's allergic to. House starts to prescribe pills, but the woman doesn't want those. "You don't like to swallow. Not surprised," House says. How did that one get by the censors and the Vietnamese candle-snuffing vagina didn't? Allergy woman also rejects a steroidy nasal spray. House presents her with a third option, which is a bag for the woman to place the cat inside when she throws it in the river. They're never going to get PETA-loving Pamela Anderson as a guest star on this show now. And that is a good thing.

Foreman catches up with House outside the clinic and says that the stress test and the echo came back normal. House wants to do another kind of stress test that involves a tilting table. He bets Foreman a week of clinic duty that they'll find something there. Foreman takes the bet, because he still hasn't learned not to bet against House, especially when the stakes are as high as a week of Clinic duty.

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