The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Taco Bell horrible rip-off of the horrible song My Sharona. I have indigestion without even eating the chalupas. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. The fact that the Hollywood powers that be even imagine that anyone will want to see this movie scares the hell out of me. Yadda, yadda, Sprint PCS, quack, quack. A comparison is made between not inhaling and using another cellular service to listen but not speak. Even the commercials have addiction references! Ah, a Neutrogena commercial with Angie Harmon instead of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Love, we hardly knew ye. Granted we knew ye, but it was hard-lay. A younger, more attractive version of the women from The View do a round-table about cramps and pain relievers in a Midol commercial. Isn't that what all women discuss in restaurants?

At Epstein Bar, Richard, Felicity, Tracy, Elena, Meghan, Julie, and Ben are sitting around discussing Knoll and Gnatalie's marriage. Richard is particularly hot under the collar about Knoll's nuptials. He likens Knoll's affections for Gnatalie to a drug addiction, and he suggests that they stage an intervention for Knoll. Note, this is the third mention of addiction. Meghan says, "I think you guys are over-reacting, he got married, BFD." I have to agree with Meghan on this one. BFD, indeed. Richard disagrees, "No, not BFD. This quicksand bitch has sucked the life blood out of our buddy, we've got to suck him back." Aye, there's the rub, or the suck; however, I'm sure that Richard would be up for either, if it involved Knoll. Felicity wonders what Ben thinks, and he says, "I just think we should mind our own business. The guy wants to get married, let him get married. I don't know why you all care so much." No kidding, besides, it's Knoll we're talking about. Let him travel the world with Gnatalie, just as long as he's not shown doing it. Julie pipes up, "Can we talk for a while about Knoll's hair?" Elena interjects, "If that's not a cry for help, I don't know what is." Felicity claims not to care about his hair or his marriage. She's concerned about his quitting college in his senior year. Fair enough. I guess a friend could be genuinely worried about someone dropping out of school. Me, I don't care, because it's Knoll. Tracy mutely agrees that Knoll ditching school is out of character.

Docuventary clip: Knoll's antics remind Meghan of Jacob Perlmutter from junior high. He was a Hassidic Jew who started running with a wild crowd and he went crazy.

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