The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Docuventary clip: At the dorm apartment, the gang is being debriefed by Richard about the intervention. He has "downloaded the intervention materials" and "customized the process" for their purposes. As he distributes the handouts, Javier comments, "This is a wonderful font, what is it?" Richard doesn't know what the font is, and Meghan says, "It's weird to be at an intervention and be one the interveners." Julie asks Sean to put the camera down, and he replies, "What? This is the pre-game show." As the gang peruses the information, Ben picks up a hand-out, reads it, and proclaims, "The Anti-Gnatalie Intervention -- are you kidding me?" I'm with Ben, this seems a little farfetched. However, Scott Speedman's pronunciation of "anti" as "an-tie" is more disturbing to me. I guess he's been living in America too long.

Anyway, Ben's skepticism sends Richard into high gear and he bleats, "Listen, guys, once he realizes what this is, he's gonna be like a rat, scrambling for the exits." Before he can say anything else, there's a knock at the door. They all get up and start scrambling around, and we get the accompanying herky-jerky camera view. Felicity heads down the hall to get the door, and Sean follows her with the camera, ignoring her pleas to back off. She opens the door, and she and Knoll greet and hug each other. As Knoll follows Felicity back to the living room, he says to Sean, "You really don't stop with that video stuff, do you?" Sean blathers something about the Independent Film Channel, and when Knoll arrives in the living room, he is confronted with everyone standing around holding the handouts. Knoll looks about, and Javier regards him and says, "Those pants are pleather." Meghan replies, "I know, I'm kinda attracted to him right now." When Javier said "play-thur" for "pleather," it made me laugh, but then the laughter turned to tears when I figured out what Meghan had mumbled. Knoll nervously asks if it's an intervention, and Richard gives him a copy of the hand-put and tells him it is. Felicity stutters that they wanted a chance to talk to him, and then Richard interrupts with, "Have you ever seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" Everyone admonishes him with a "Richard!" said in unison. Richard continues, "What? That's a fantastic analogy." Tracy steps up and says that the gang is worried that Knoll is making a mistake. Knoll asks, "How, by marrying Gnatalie?" Felicity says that's only part of it and that she's worried that he's "letting everything else go in the process." Elena angrily demands, "Think about what you're doing. Letting the good times roll, how long can you let that last?" Javier says, "Not to mention that you're married to somebody with a police record, and I'm not talking about Zenyatta Mondatta!" Omigod, the Police had two good albums: the first two. After that, they should have been placed under house arrest. Richard says, "This is your life, buddy boy," as he ushers Knoll to a chair and commands him to sit down. Knoll snaps, "You sit down." Richard ineffectually says, "Okay, stand there." Knoll explains that it was his idea to get married, not Gnatalie's, and that he is aware that she was arrested three years ago for protesting with Greenpeace off the coast of Iceland. He talks about her being the most exciting and worldly person he's ever known. Richard asks, "Is she preggers? Is this Ruby redux?" Omigod. Those people really need to do an intervention for Richard. What a jerk. Knoll glares at Richard and surprisingly doesn't punch his lights out. Instead, he announces that he and Gnatalie are going to Germany for Oktoberfest, and he's not sure that he ever wants to see any of the gang again. With that, he crumples up the handout and stomps out.

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