The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Out in the living room, Javier comes through the door and apologizes for his tardiness. Sean asks what he's pulling and it turns out it is one of those small, upright suitcases that is wheeled and has a pull-up handle. Javier says, "I feel like a stewardess. 'Hi, I'm Javier, fly me.'" He announces that he wants to present the suitcase to both Knoll and Gnatalie, and Richard graciously informs him that Knoll "is in the can." Just then, Gnatalie's cell phone rings, and she gets up to take the call away from the gang, kissing Javier on the way. Gnatalie starts speaking to her caller in French while Javier shows the gang that inside the suitcase is a first aid kit, including a "defibrillator, in case of heart attacks." Gnatalie asks for a pen, and Felicity directs her to one by a notebook on the counter. She sits down and opens the notebook and starts writing. Richard notices what she's doing, and he says, "Oh, no," then, "Hey, please don't use my notebook!" Everyone else shushes him until he blurts out that the intervention material is in the book. Gnatalie notices it and starts reading it. She glares at everyone and then asks for her coat. Sean gets it, and Gnatalie hands him back the handout. Knoll comes out of the bathroom and asks where Gnatalie is.

Maybe it's a Maybelline commercial. Robert DeNiro debases himself in a Meet the Parents movie trailer, and presumably in the entire movie, too. Heather Locklear dyes her hair. Who knew? Payless has cheap pleather boots. Who knew? The WB feels it is necessary to inform us that "Maxim," that bastion of critical analysis, has deemed the new Nikki show as "Funniest new comedy." Who knew? The WB News at 11 has a teaser guaranteed to boost ratings for their broadcast. How do they find sieges to report every single night of the week? Shepherds now need AT&T digital wireless service to herd sheep. Who knew? Cinnamon Toast Crunch is now in cereal bar form. Parade has boots on sale.

Back at the loft, Javier is talking on the phone to someone named Consuela about the whereabouts of Gnatalie. Felicity says, "Can you imagine going to a dinner party and finding out that everyone there had conspired against you?" Richard says, "Yes. Sadly." Why does that not surprise me? Knoll comes through the door to report that he can't find Gnatalie anywhere. Tracy asks what they can do, and Sean invites Knoll to stay for the night. Knoll says he's okay and that he wants to talk to Felicity alone. They sit out in the hallway, and Knoll reminisces about how angry he was with her at the beginning of last year and how he needed something to escape into. He whines about how he turned into a senior overnight, and with Gnatalie he can forget about everything because he hasn't been himself since sophomore year. With that, he gives Felicity a meaningful look, like it's her fault that he hasn't been the same since he met her. Whatever, Knoll. He whinges that he wants his life back on track, and he doesn't want to take a vacation every month or move every two years. He claims he wants to stay and hang around with his friends. The friends that dissed your wife? Yeah, those are great friends. He decides that he wants to end it with Gnatalie, and Felicity says he should if that's what he really wants to do. They tell each other that they've missed each other and then they just sit there, silently.

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