The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Elena is applying lip-gloss while Julie tortures her guitar. Julie says, "So, you're having lunch with Towel Guy so you can test God?" Elena says that she wants a sign from God. Julie declares that to be "a load." Elena wants Julie to go with her to lunch to be a "buffer" so that she doesn't lose control, because if TB doesn't turn out to be an idiot, she'll be in trouble. Julie doesn't want to go.

Ben is standing out on the street, and a cab pulls up and his father gets out of it. They shake hands and hug, and then his father hands him a CD that he bought. Ben has never heard of the artist, and his dad says that he heard "they're really good." Ben thanks him, and they go into Boulangerie Figaro and get coffees. Jack talks about forgetting how alive the city is. Ben encourages him to visit more often and Jack says he will. Ben tells him not to say he's going to do something if he doesn't intend to because Ben's been through it enough before. Jack gets all verklempt when he can't recall anything about Ben's childhood. Ben touches his father's hand and then his father covers Ben's hand with his other hand. They just sit like that.

Towel Boy, Elena, and Julie are sitting at an outdoor table, having pizza. Elena is impressed to discover that TB is pre-law. Julie looks bored while Elena is fascinated. TB asks if Julie wants another slice. She doesn't, but Elena asks for one. When TB leaves the table, Elena states that since TB is not an idiot, she needs a sign. Julie says that her leaving is a sign. Elena begs her to stay despite Julie's protestations that she hates being a third wheel. TB comes back with a slice, and they resume their conversation.

Knoll is at his apartment, on the phone looking for Gnatalie. While he's talking, Gnatalie comes through the door, and he hangs up. She glares at him, and he asks where she's been. She slams into the bathroom, and he tries to explain through the door that the intervention was "well intentioned." He says that he disagreed with the gang at first, but now he thinks it might not be the "right situation" for either of them. Gnatalie packs a bag while giving him major stank-eye. He stops her from leaving after she has finished packing and says, "We obviously shouldn't be married." Gnatalie says nothing while she knees him in the groin and punches in him in the eye. Knoll drops onto the bed and moans and writhes in pain as Gnatalie goes out the door. As much as I like to see Knoll getting a punch in the face and a knee in the slats, I don't think it is a way to resolve marital problems. Ridiculing him would be much more fun for the viewers.

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