The Birds & The Batteries

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The Birds & The Batteries

High School. Ephram is telling Hannah about his lack of love-letter giving at dinner the night before, and he comments that he should have just gone with his gut and bought her a car. Heh. Hannah finds Amy next, and tells her new best friend that she looked for her at lunch. Amy says she was in the dance room working on pirouettes. Hannah tells Amy that she's been thinking about what Amy said about joining the paper and making her more popular, but she needs Amy to know that it's never going to happen. Amy tells Hannah that she keeps saying she's never had any friends, but Amy has been trying harder than ever before to be just that. She says she hasn't had to make friends since kindergarten, so she's probably going about it the wrong way, but Hannah is so shut off it's scary. Hannah says just because she doesn't want the whole world reading her journals doesn't mean she doesn't want friends. Amy says she doesn't care about that: "If you don't want everyone reading your writing, that's fine. I just didn't think I was the same as the whole world." Hannah tells Amy that she's not. Amy reminds Hannah of all the things she's told her about, like Colin and Ephram and everything, and she doesn't even know Hannah's middle name. Now, that is kind of one-sided. Amy says she knows she might be pushing things a little, but she really really likes Hannah and wants to be her friend. However, she says, if Hannah isn't comfortable talking to her, the friendship isn't going to work as a one-sided thing. Hannah insists that she is, too, comfortable talking to Amy, but Amy won't hear it. She tells Hannah it's okay if she doesn't want to be close friends, and they can just be acquaintances. Aw. Hannah looks heartbroken, but it is kind of her fault. Say something, girl!

Treat's Office of Terminal Sadness. Treat asks Ernie why he didn't come to him first about his heart condition. Ernie says he didn't think Treat would be able to keep it a secret from Mrs. Hoover, and he doesn't want her to know -- she has enough to worry about. Treat tells Ernie that he needs a new heart as soon as possible, and needs to get on the list. Ernie says he'll do it...after. Treat tells Ernie that his daughter is going to need a father when his wife is gone, and is going to have kids of her own someday who deserve to get to know their grandfather. Ernie tells Treat that he understands what he's saying. "I know life goes on. But it won't be the same. It won't mean what it meant when she was in it." Sniff. And to prove that I am evil to the core, allow me to quote to you every word that Ernie says after this, because like Berlanti, I enjoy making others cry. Ernie goes on, "We've been through everything together. Damn good team. Raised a fine girl. We've been partners for every bump along the road, every mountain and molehill alike. And I am not going to let that go until forces bigger than me snatch it away. Now. She needs me to help her fight these last few weeks. When that battle's done, then I'll worry about myself, but not one minute before. When she's gone? I'm gonna need a new heart anyway, because this one will be broken into bits." Treat looks like he might cry, too. Ernie stands up. He tells Treat that after his wife is gone, Treat can do whatever he wants with him. Treat stands up, too, and shakes Ernie's hand. He says, "In six weeks, I know some great surgeons." Aw. Ernie leaves. Treat glances down at the photograph on his desk of Julia and his kids. Ugh. Rub it in, why don't you?

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