The Birds & The Batteries

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The Birds & The Batteries

Abbott House. Patch gets home and finds Bright on his bed, playing a video game. Patch is livid, because Bright blew off his interview with Ralph Bigelow. Bright doesn't care, because he's just as angry. Patch says he was trying to effect some change in Bright's slippery march down the path of least resistance. Bright tells his dad that what he did was humiliate him. "Calling my manager and changing my schedule? You told me where, when, and why to go meet some guy for a job I didn't even ask for." Patch says Bright hasn't exactly inspired confidence lately. Bright says he likes his job, that it's working out okay. Patch says "working out okay" isn't what Bright should be aiming for, and he doesn't like seeing his son like this when he worked so hard the year before. Bright: "Lot of good that did me." Heh. Patch says he's just trying to help Bright attain what he said he wanted. Bright says he doesn't know what he wants, and there's nothing wrong with working at a restaurant while he tries to figure it out. Patch thinks Bright has become complacent, and he's worried that now he's just going to settle for shilling nachos for tips. Patch tries to leave angrily, but Bright stops his dad. "What the hell is wrong with you, man? Do you think you can scare me into knowing what I want to do with my life? Don't you think that if I had any clue at all, I'd be on a plane right now headed as far away from this house as humanly possible? I wish I knew, believe me, because until then, I am stuck here. With you, which at the moment, is the last place on earth I want to be." Yeah, Patch. You just think on that while we take a commercial break.

When we come back, Scooter finds Treat on the sidewalk outside his office. He's mad because Treat didn't convince Ernie to get on the transplant list. Treat tells Scooter that there are other factors involved. Scooter wants to know what factors could be more important than his own life. He tells Treat that he's going to put him on the list anyway, and get a cardiologist to come talk to Ernie. "It might take some doing, but I'm going to put up a hell of a better fight than you did, that's for sure." Oh, shut up, Scooter. Treat tells Scooter that it's different being a doctor here. Scooter says it's not: people get sick and die in L.A., people get sick and die in Everwood, and they're supposed to try and keep that from happening. He tells Treat that Ernie's life matters to him, and he'll take care of it himself. Treat, opting not to share the wisdom we all know he has, merely bids Scooter good luck. He turns and walks away, resisting the urge to call over his shoulder, "You'll be sorry, Dimples!"

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