The Birds & The Batteries

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The Birds & The Batteries

Cut to the high school. Amy, trying to be cool as a cucumber to Hannah, can't hide her enthusiasm when Hannah announces to her and Ephram that she wrote a story to submit to Jane. Oh, Hannah, you caved! I thought you had more in you. Stupid Amy. Stupid Jane. Amy asks what it's about. Hannah says it's about some stuff that's happened in the past week. She blah blahs on about how when she gets her rejection letter, which she knows she will, she hopes Amy will be there for her...with tissues. Amy smiles and says, "Definitely." All better! Amy starts to read, and Ephram steals a secret glance at Hannah all, "I can't believe you did this." Hannah grins back, pleased with her very own self. She leaves Amy and Ephram to read the story on their own. It's about them. Heh. No wonder Hannah was pleased. Amy asks Ephram if he really wrote her a love letter, and if he actually called it an addendum. Ephram says he wanted to give it to her, but it didn't feel special enough, especially after her present. He says that he wanted to be able to tell her that he loved her first. He adds, "You stole my mojo." Amy tells him that he has so much mojo, he doesn't even know. "That's why you're so great, that's why I..." Ephram stops her. "Nope. I love you, Amy. And you don't have to say it back this time. This one's on me." Aw. They kiss. It's cheesy. And AWESOME.

Nina's Porch. Treat shows up with an actual foot massager by way of apology. Nina, who totally shouldn't accept it, does anyway. Treat tells Nina that he's really sorry, but this whole thing with Delia really freaked him out, and he just couldn't bear the idea of going through it alone. ["He says this every time. Learn your lesson already, Treat!" -- Sars] Nina asks Treat if he's missing Julia. Treat says yes, all the time for the daily stuff, but sometimes he forgets that he actually needs her there for the big stuff. He tells Nina that before they met, he had no interest in being a father, but when it came to the kids, it was always the "we" that got him through it. Nina agrees that parenting is kind of a team sport, or at least it should be. Treat says he and Julia used to talk it out whenever there was a crisis, and now he's constantly second-guessing himself. Nina says she never would have signed up for the solo routine, either. Treat says it's hard enough to get everything done without any help, but you add to that the emotional component, and it makes it even harder. Nina says she's convinced that Sam is going to end up needing major psychoanalysis. Well, he will, Nina, but it's because your son is INSANE. Nina tells Treat to give himself more credit, because he's got a couple of really great kids. Treat says all his credit goes to Julia. Treat gets up to leave, then turns and tells Nina that he's sorry for all the stuff he said earlier. Nina says it's fine. Treat says he didn't mean it. "I do see you. And...you look very pretty today." Nina blushes furiously. Something's developing, kids. Let's see what happens next week to fuck it all up.

Abbott House. Bright finds his parents in the living room and hands Patch a check, which he explains to his father is for rent. Patch says it's totally unnecessary. Bright says he's going to pick up more shifts until he can make enough to get his own place. Rose tries to intervene. "Sweetheart, we should talk about this." Sweet Rose. Bright thanks his mom, but says he's all talked out. Patch tells Rose that he shouldn't have pushed. Rose says that Bright is just spreading his wings a bit, and the truth is, he's going to have to make these decisions himself. They both agree that he's going to make mistakes along the way. Patch says he's handled all of this so badly. Rose takes her husband's hand and says, "We. We're in this together." Sappy music plays us into the next scene.

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