The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show

Brian watched all of this. He asks Will about his attacks on the Tea Party, saying Will have been much more critical of it than any other Republican in the media. Will lists a bunch of people who have attacked the Tea Party (all of whom have probably done it better) and Brian says none of those people work for Leona Lansing, who must not be pleased that her anchor is attacking politicians whose support she needs. Will refuses to comment on that. He says if Leona wants to fire him, she can just buy out his contract. Brian says she'd still have to explain why she got rid of the second-most-watched anchor on cable. What is all of this "she'd have to explain" BS? Would she really? Are people really going to care if Leona Lansing fires an anchor without having an explanation? I don't think they will. Today fired Ann Curry and most of the people who thought it was grossly unfair are still watching.

Brian asks if Leona is using TMI to "manufacture" a reason to fire Will. Will says maybe. Brian says she wouldn't need a reason at all if NewsNight sank in the ratings because it was "too highbrow" to cover Casey Anthony. Brian recaps the entire season so far: Will's crappy show is making Leona's life in Washington D.C. harder so she's trying to get rid of him. Brian says he would have "caved" and reported on Casey Anthony too. Will says Brian isn't a serious journalist to begin with because he agreed to Will's ridiculous demands last Friday. Way to win the reporter over, Will.

Gary Cooper will be playing the part of Ron Paul in the mock debate. I'm not sure who Maggie supposed to be as she asks Jim Bachmann what she thinks is the most important question ever: since Bachmann claims that God told her to run for president, what does God's voice sound like? Rodney Dangerfield laughs at Maggie's question, but she says she isn't kidding. Also, why does no one ever eat those delicious-looking pastries that are always on the table of the conference room? And why does that conference room always get such delicious pastries? Who is bringing them in all the time? I'm hungry.

Anyway, whatever, Maggie demands that the first question to Michele Bachmann be about God speaking to her. What does his voice sound like? What did he say, word for word? Does he speak English? Does she hear voices often? "She's claiming to be a prophet!" Maggie says; "how is this not the first question Will asks?" Thank you for your contributions, Maggie. But even I, with no Christian upbringing whatsoever, know that usually when people say that God "spoke" to them, they don't necessarily mean that literally. Sometimes, they just mean they got a feeling or something. They don't literally hear some old guy's echo-y voice in their heads. That's all Michele Bachmann would have to say to make Will look kind of stupid for asking the question in the first place. That's probably why the other journalists haven't. But good thinking there, Sorkin, you media visionary, you!

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