The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show

Jim doesn't say this, of course. First he asks Maggie to stop calling him "she" and "her" because when you're on a show like this, being called a woman is the ultimate insult. "You're the one who wanted to play a woman," Maggie snarls. Jim goes on, saying a question like that doesn't "demonstrate a seriousness of intent" and is insulting to Christians. Maggie says she's a Christian too, and Michele Bachmann is the insulter, not Maggie. Maggie thinks that Michele Bachmann is insulting Maggie, Maggie's family, Maggie's congregation and Maggie's faith. Because she says God speaks to her? Give me a break, Mags. She thinks that Michele Bachmann is suggesting that all Christians are imbeciles and that God is a Republican. If you take what Bachmann said that literally, then sure. But no one really does, because it makes you look ridiculous. Also, I am now defending Michele Bachmann because I hate this show so much.

Maggie says that if she's wrong and God truly is speaking to Bachmann, then that too should be addressed. Oh my god DROP IT! Jim says they won't get the debate if they make fun of the candidates. Maggie says she thought the whole point of this new debate format was to ask the candidates tough questions and make them accountable for their answers. Jim rolls his eyes. Kendra looks about ready to smack Maggie. Maggie says if Bachmann knows what God wants, then she'll vote for her. If she doesn't, then she should stop saying she does. This makes no sense. Does she really think that Bachmann is going to just admit that she doesn't hear God's voice? Why does she assume that Bachmann doesn't truly believe God is telling her to run for president? Is religion and spirituality really that difficult for Sorkin to understand? MacKenzie and Will walk in, but Maggie is still fired up and gives them a "just a moment, please!" She thinks she's standing up for all the Christians who are tired of having their identities stolen by... uh... Republican presidential candidates? I don't know, Maggie lost me and everyone else a few minutes ago.

Maggie finally runs out of steam, so MacKenzie gets to do her job. She informs the crew that they'll be leading with the Casey Anthony story tonight. Of course, they all think their show is better than that because NewsNight is a cult and MacKenzie is their leader. So she throws another hissy fit and makes a big show out of erasing a whole bunch of "important" stories from the rundown to make room for Casey Anthony. By the way, those important stories look borrrrriiinnngggg. Bring on the alleged baby killer! MacKenzie says that she knows her crew needs training in how to make the news an engaging experience for its audience, so she brought Don in to help. "Forget everything you know about the news," Don begins. "Done!" MacKenzie says immediately. Wow, it didn't take her long, did it? Makes one wonder if perhaps she didn't know all that much to begin with ...

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