The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show

Charlie asks if he's the first person Hancock has told about this. I hope not, or else I'd have some serious doubts about Hancock's judgment. Hancock says he's already testified in front of Congress and the Pentagon about this, but they didn't care. So... everyone knows about this, basically? It's in the congressional records somewhere? Okay then. But what people don't know, apparently, is that TMI has been using the same technology to hack phones, just like News of the World. Way to be original, TMI. Leona Lansing doesn't know about it, but her son does. In fact, he ordered it. And Hancock knows this how? Because he listened in on Reese's phone calls? It's never really made clear. Hancock hands Charlie an envelope full of publically available, non-classified transcripts of his testimony before Congress and the Pentagon. He tells Charlie to vet it and him and "take all the time that you need." Except not really, since we only have two more episodes left in this season! Happy day! Hancock says he's sick of watching his government turn into the communist regime he once fought against. He says if ACN reports on the Global Clarity NSA spy project, he'll help him deal with Leona Lansing.

Don breaks down Nancy Grace's style. Nancy Grace is in the middle of the screen, surrounded by experts and Caylee Anthony videos. He hits "play" and we get to watch freaking Nancy Grace for a few seconds. That's not cool, Sorkin, making us watch this. A shot of Casey Anthony's tattoo fills the screen, and Don says this is because Nancy Grace knew someone like Tess was getting bored, so she put an exciting tattoo picture up to keep her interested. Tess admits that she was, in fact, getting bored. Don adds that the tattoo also makes Casey Anthony seem like a bad mom and "no one's ever gone broke in America serving up a woman who makes other women feel superior." Oh, uh... thanks for that, Don. It's true that I derive a personal and petty satisfaction watching other women be so bad at mothering that they possibly kill their own kids. What a thrill for me and for the rest of my gender. It's certainly more entertaining than a congressman who doesn't know how to DM penis pics.

One of Nancy Grace's experts agrees with her, so more Caylee Anthony videos fill the screen. "Look how cute Caylee is!" Don says; "she deserved better than a mom with a tattoo. She deserved -- she deserved... " And then all the women at the table say "me" except for MacKenzie. MacKenzie is right, by the way. Caylee deserves much better than a mother like MacKenzie. Or Casey Anthony. Or Nancy Grace. Just so we're clear. You know what else Caylee Anthony deserves better than? To be used as a plot point on a show about how tragic deaths shouldn't be used for ratings.

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