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Some Heads Are Bigger Than Others

In another part of the cafeteria -- this time it's a grey background with some napkin dispensers in the foreground and some shadowy extras milling about -- Sam and Brooke decide what a good idea it would be for them to join the Kennedy Big Head Challenge team, because Chem will allow them to miss class all week so they can cram for the show, which is just like studying for the SAT, insists Brooke. Like, hi? There would never be a game show that would actually ask you SAT questions for prizes. Who the hell would want to watch someone do -- for instance -- the reading comprehension section, where you have to read a paragraph and answer questions about what was in that paragraph? Where's the fun in that? Academic decathlons ask you factual questions about state capitals and Latin sayings -- something the SAT never tests you on because it's supposed to be a measure of your aptitude and not your knowledge of state birds. Whatever, it's Popular.

Yet another part of the cafeteria. This time it's more of a real set with extras that's been designed to accommodate reverse shots, though there isn't a single shot that accommodates both actresses, so it's really just two more backdrops with some extras. Chem, who sits in front of a periwinkle blue background, is tutoring Cherry Cherry, who sits "opposite her" in front of a sand-colored background. They feast on some catering that Cherry Cherry had brought in. Cherry Cherry is giving Josh a run for his money in the dumb department. For instance when given the problem 3x = 6 and asked "what is x," Cherry Cherry gives "two million dollars" as the answer. Fortunately, Delta is way better at playing dumb than Bryce. Chem wonders why Cherry Cherry doesn't just skip the SATs and show her Country Club peers how smart she is by appearing on TV on behalf of the -- you guessed it -- Kennedy Big Head Challenge team. Cherry Cherry warms to the idea of television exposure and asks Chem who she can bribe to make the team. "You know her very well," says Chem, as we cut to Mary Cherry in the Novak, practicing her smile in front of the mirror.

Chem and Cherry Cherry enter the hallway and head for the Novak with Cherry Cherry's yellow application to join the Kennedy Big Head Challenge. On their way, they see Harrison and Josh, who are headed for the Novak themselves with the same application in Josh's hands. A slap fight between the two pairs ensues while Mary Cherry is shown at the Novak mirror again, oblivious to the conflict outside, removing her invisible braces and giving her teeth a once-over with her tongue. Cherry Cherry bursts in and inquires after her "little treasure." Mary Cherry looks around the Novak to see who Cherry Cherry could possibly be talking about. Cherry Cherry explains that she wants to be on the Kennedy Big Head Challenge team. Josh bursts in, pushing Cherry Cherry behind the door, and announces his intention to join the team as well. "I'm her mother," says Cherry Cherry. "I'm her…well I sort of know her…very well," says Josh. Mary Cherry informs them that there's one slot left -- I presume because she gave Brooke and Sam places on the team. "Looks like someone's gonna be doing some serious ass-kissing," says Mary Cherry. Josh and Cherry Cherry glare at each other.

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