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Some Heads Are Bigger Than Others

Tryouts. Empty classroom. Cherry Cherry begins by apologizing to Mary Cherry for a host of sins, including always forgetting her birthday and trying to run over Mary Cherry with a car when she stained her favorite chinchilla coat. Sam, Brooke, and Nicole watch from the sidelines. Nicole pronounces them "amateurs" at emotional bribery. Mary Cherry makes her mother give her a real hug, with arms around her and everything. "So, I'm on the team now?" asks Cherry Cherry. "No," says Mary Cherry, awash in the glow of some much-needed physical contact with her mother. "You still have to face off with Josh." Delta squeezes Mary Cherry hard until she can't breathe.

Carmen practices salsa in the Novak. Lily enters and watches her, smiling at the progress she's made. Carmen tells her all about the guy she met in her dance class. Lily rips into her for sacrificing her future for some guy she just met who doesn't speak English. "You don't even know if you have a basis for an intellectual relationship," snorts Lily. "You're going to talk to me about a basis for an intellectual relationship when you're dating Josh Ford?" says Carmen, getting right in her face. "Pablo doesn't speak English because he doesn't know it, not because he can't learn it."

Nicole runs the Big Head tryouts. She tells Josh and Cherry Cherry that the first person to get a question right gets a spot on the team. "And the one who loses is officially the stupidest person on the face of the earth! Ready?" Brooke and Sam watch from the sidelines, horrified at the realization that whoever wins actually has to be on their team. The category is "Philosophical Dilemmas." Mary Cherry asks, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Cherry Cherry slams her hand down on the buzzer immediately and shouts out, "BRAN FLAKES!" She's wrong, obviously, so the question goes to Josh, who explains that since chickens evolved from the interbreeding of other animals, the first chicken hatched from an egg laid by an animal of a different species. Josh is correct and makes the team. Cherry Cherry is enraged. She vows that the Kennedy Big Head Team will regret the day that they crossed Cherry Cherry. "And as for you," she says to Mary Cherry. "Just wait until you get home!"

The Palace kitchen on a Saturday morning. Lily enters, eager to start studying. Brooke and Sam tell her they've got a surprise for her. Josh made the Big Head team, and they're taking her to the studio to see them compete. Lily doesn't want to put off studying or see Josh make a fool of himself. Brooke is all, "Lily, Josh is doing this for you." "Well then he's doing this for the wrong reason," says Lily, who insists on studying by herself in the Palace kitchen while Sam and Brooke go off to compete. "You're making a big mistake," says Sam. "I know Josh too," says Brooke. "And I can tell you that one thing you don't have to study for is how to hurt his feelings. Because I think you have that down." Despite the cheesiness of the line, I love it when people put Lily in her place. Nevertheless, Lily remains unmoved and insists on staying put.

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