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The Cult Of Rob
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Poor, poor Matt makes his way back to Redemption Island. He realizes that he's going to look like a moron on television for being voted out again, and says this is his own fault for trusting Rob not once, but twice. True. He also blames God, saying this is obviously His will but he doesn't really get it why. "You're using my stupidity for your glory," he says, which sounds a little bitter to me.

The next morning at Camp Murlonio, the former Zapatos discuss Onomatopoeia's vote last night, which David is quick to give all the credit for to Rob. He interviews that what Rob did was "genius" and "a hit straight out of a mob movie." Oh my god, we already have Probst kissing Rob's ass during the five minute "previously on" segment; do we really need to get it from his opponents, too? Mike calls Rob over and praises him for eliminating Matt like that. Rob smiles and fake humbly says thank you. Julie, meanwhile, is still upset over how "cold-blooded" Rob and his tribe's vote was. "It's a game, but do you not have any feeling at all for a human being?" she asks. Whatever, Julie. You have added nothing to this season and thoroughly disappointed me. Sorry to be so cold-blooded about it, but it's true. Julie concludes that if Rob's tribe is going to play like that, then she and her tribe have no hope of breaking them up.

Ralph seems to have a different opinion, though, as he sidles up to Ashley and asks her if he's going to be voted out next. Unfortunately, Ashley doesn't understand Ralph's thick Southern accent, so communication is difficult. Natalie strolls up to listen in, and both girls refuse to tell Ralph anything about what their tribe is planning, claiming they have no idea. Ralph persists, saying he'll vote for Ashley at the end and not Rob. Ashley maintains that there's nothing Ralph can do or say to change things. Ralph interviews that his tribe is basically stuck and there's no way for them to play this game when no one on the other tribe will play with them.

That's because Rob has rounded them all up to give them the plan for now until all the Zapatos have been voted out: they don't make any decisions on who to vote out until the last minute and they aren't allowed to talk to anyone on the other tribe or go anywhere without an Onomatopoeia buddy. Ha! Who gets stuck with Phillip? They do a quiet group cheer and Rob interviews that voting Matt out last night solidified his alliance and he is going to continue to do everything he can to keep his alliance separate from the other tribe so as to minimize any chance that someone will flip. To that end, they have separate shelters, separate eating times, and Rob wants his tribe to hate the others and be arrogant and cocky in their assumed supremacy over them. He, of course, will not be obnoxious to the other tribe members because then he thinks they'll vote for him at the end, like they're all so stupid that they can't see the way the other tribe is treating them is entirely Rob's fault.

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