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The Cult Of Rob

Probst asks Ralph if there's any way in to the Onomatopoeia alliance, because it doesn't seem like it right now. Ralph says he'll keep trying, and maybe a feather will appear out of thin air for him soon. Phillip does not like this at all, and responds disgustedly: "it takes courage and determination and knowing when to hold your tongue to get a feather." "Oh," Ralph says. It's too bad that Rob won't let Phillip speak to anyone from the other tribe, because that exchange was hilarious, especially in an episode as boring and slow as this one was. Ralph says that Phillip is so noble that maybe next time, an entire bird will appear out of thin air for him. Probst asks Mike how he feels about Phillip's feather, because this is what we've been reduced to. Mike says he thinks Phillip is insecure within his alliance and himself. I guess they've given up on trying to win Phillip over to their alliance and are just going to alienate him now and hope he does something insane and has to be taken out of the game. Sure enough, Phillip lists off his accomplishments, including working for "three separate agencies," and David can't take it anymore. "Just give it up!" he says; "you sound like a lunatic." David, on the other hand, believes he sounds like "an educated individual." Wrong! Phillip says he sounds like someone who is at the bottom of a cesspool. "Phillip never ceases to amaze me," Steve puts in. I think he's kind of trying to be nice there, but Phillip tells him to keep being amazed as he leaves the game and Phillip is still in it.

Probst decides to put an end to The Phillip Show and asks if Zapato has a guess about who is going home tonight. David cheekily says he thinks it will be one of the five Zapatos. Julie giggles. Phillip nods solemnly. Probst sends everyone off to vote. Steve vote for Phillip, calling him "one odd duck." Phillip's feather hits the voting hut doorway but we don't see how he, or anyone else in his alliance, vote. Because it's pretty freaking obvious that they're going for Mike. I mean, it's not even a question. Probst returns with the urn, no one plays an idol, and Rob smiles smugly. Probst reads off four votes for Phillip and one vote for "Philite," which doesn't even make sense as a misspelling of his name, Ralph, as Phillip smiles and looks arrogantly unconcerned. Sure enough, the next six votes are for Mike. Yawn. Probst sends him to Redemption Island and tells Zapato that they have to "keep digging," because, again, Probst loves to say "digging" this season. Clearly the editors couldn't dig up an hour of interesting footage for Mike's boot episode, so they had to put two episodes in one.

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