The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse
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It's Boston and for just a split-second, I thought we might be back in the present day and not the dystopian wasteland of the future. But then you see the oil drum fire and that always means dystopian wasteland and/or union strike. Peter siphons gas from a car, looking over his shoulders constantly, the sound of a siren in the background.

Then he finds a second-hand shop -- there's one of those wind-up cymbal-playing monkeys in the window and it makes Peter laugh, which is weird because those things usually creep non-insane people out.

The proprietor, seeing Peter's gas can, thinks he's here to barter, but Peter says "Not tonight" and he picks up a pillow with "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans" cross-stitched on it. The store owner says it's been here for a while. "I guess it hits close to home," he says. Or maybe even in humanity's bleakest moments, no one's wasting money on a grungy used pillow in a pawnshop. Gross.

Peter finds one of those old electronic Simon games, the kind people played before there were really good videogames at home. The shopkeep offers to give him a good deal, but that's not what Peter's here for either. Well, given that you're a fugitive hiding from people who can read your mind, maybe you should think about picking up the pace and getting what you ARE here for instead of browsing the gross lice-infested wares? He's about to tell the store owner what he wants but then an Observer is all, "This is what you're looking for," and he's holding out a silver chain. It's not menacing -- at least no more than the Observers' general baseline menace -- but the mood in the room sours, especially as the Observer tells Peter it will look good on the young blonde woman. Peter closes his eyes, and we start to hear his voice, jumbled. "What is baseball?" asks the Observer suddenly, telling Peter he's thinking about the Red Sox. God, typical Bostonian. "It's a sport. It was, anyway," says Peter. The Observer says he's upsetting Peter and that he doesn't like to be read. I'd imagine most people don't, buddy, but Peter obviously knows it wouldn't be wise to appear aggravated. "Who's upset?" he says, as nonchalantly as he can muster, adding for complete non-suspicion that he has nothing to hide. But the Observer keeps probing and Peter keeps concentrating; the Observer asks who the young blonde woman is. Peter overpays for the necklace and gets the hell out of there, only to be followed by the Observer, who tells a couple of Loyalists outside to detain him. Peter cracks the Observer across the face with the gas jug and makes a run for it.

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