The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

Back over at Penn Station, a Loyalist is walking Windmark through what is, to be fair, the scene where the Fringers murdered several people in rather horrific fashion. Windmark -- with a little lip service to how barbaric it was -- is more interested in what their purpose was and he's shown to the pillar that contained something the fugitives took. What it was, they don't know. Another Loyalist comes over to show Windmark the little device held by one of the men who were killed. He turns it on, and we can hear a light beeping. "I think we're gonna be able to find them," he says. If Windmark ever smiled, now would be one of those times.

Over at the bridge, Broyles is outfitting the fugitives with all kinds of stuff he stole from the office, but where you or I might nick a stapler and some printer paper, Broyles has brought HK pistols with rechargeable power cells, pulse rifles, motion sensors, "scent cones," whatever those are, and -- to Peter's surprise/terror -- anti-matter batons.

"Fourth Gen. Delayed fuse. Blast radius of one hundred metres. And once it's armed, it can't be deactivated, so when you use it, make sure you don't stick around." Well, like Chekhov always said, if you introduce an anti-matter bomb in the fourth act, it must go off in the fifth.

Olivia asks how he got all this stuff, and Broyles says it wasn't simple. Well, that explains that! "Seeing you makes me realize how much I miss Boston," Broyles tells Olivia, adding that maybe he'll put in for a transfer.

Just then, they notice an Observer standing nearby. Everyone freezes, then Broyles tries a nonchalant wave and "It's all right! I've apprehended them!" It's a terrible cover, but I don't think it was intended to do anything other than buy Broyles enough time to pull his gun and plug the guy. "They found you," Broyles tells them, and it's Olivia who spots the tracker with the blinking red light -- you know, like trackers tend to have -- on the underside of the car.

So the concern is immediately twofold -- protecting Broyles' cover and protecting the plan. Broyles tells them they won't make it by car, but they should run. Instead of taking the tracker off and escaping in the car? Another Observer appears, knocking Peter off his feet with a pulse weapon before Etta shoots him, and then the gang gets the hell out of there, heading for some nearby warehouses as Broyles leaves tracks in his car. Just after everyone makes it out of sight, a couple more Observers pop into view. They stand there, facing the buildings, and one of them silently lifts his arm and points towards them.

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