The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

After the commercial break, the team is hobbling its way through a warehouse, while all around Observers and Loyalists are swarming the area, including Captain Windmark, striding cinematically into a darkened structure. "There," he says, after he and the other two hit their marks, and they continue on. What, is he a bloodhound?

The Fringe team hears the sirens and shouting and know that their enemies know they're there, but there's only so much running you can do when Observers can literally pop out of thin air in front of you and start shooting. Peter and Olivia get separated from Walter and Etta by some bullet-spewing Loyalists, so Peter and Olivia keep pushing forward to get out, Peter assuring Olivia they'll double-back to get Walter and Etta (if Walter survives this, he might want to think about learning to shoot a gun).

And then Etta loses Walter after she provides covering fire for him to get past as well. The fact that she's on her own doesn't bode well and it's not long before Etta -- cautiously inching her way through an empty warehouse -- is joined by Windmark, who apparates behind her, cracks her across the jaw, and throws her through a window. She drops her gun, but she -- bruised and bloodied -- can barely crawl over the broken glass to get it. Windmark puts his foot on it and stands there, staring at her.

Peter and Olivia find Walter hiding in some sort of steel strongbox. I'm sure they're happy to see him, but Etta not being with him is cause for concern (although you could argue that anyone would do better in a firefight solo rather than having to worry about Walter).

Etta is, at that moment, being held up against a pillar by the throat by Windmark (one-handed, no less). He's too strong for her to break his grasp, giving him plenty of time to see her necklace and make the brilliant deduction that Peter bought it for her. He asks her why, and starts reading her thoughts. We see images of her as a child, blowing the seeds off a dandelion. We see Peter holding out his arms to her. "Love," says Windmark, in one of the hokiest science-fiction clich├ęs I can think of. Now he knows why humans cry, is that it?

Meanwhile, Etta has managed to pull out a little dagger that tries to jam into Windmark's neck, but he blocks it and squeezes her hand until she drops it. "You never know when to give up," he says. He steps back from her, points something at her stomach. We hear a gunshot.

So does Olivia -- her head snaps around. "Etta?" she whispers.

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