The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

Then he gives her the chain, calling it a down payment on the first lesson. She's surprised, but he points out she had to give up her necklace so they could work on the laser and he wanted to make sure she got another one. She hugs him and thanks him and says it was worth every bump and bruise. Yeah, well, we'll see about that. "No good deed goes unpunished," she jokes.

Back over to the pawnshop, where Windmark is displaying complete, disinterested mastery of the Simon game when Broyles walks in and waits until the annoying beeping and flashing colors stop. "You wanted to see me?" he says. Yes, Broyles, we all wanted to see you! Where the hell have you been?

Windmark plays one of those holographic video thingies of Peter's encounter in the thrift shop with the Observer and he holds up a chain, asking Broyles what the purpose of these things are. "Its purpose? You wear it. You put it around your neck," says Broyles, perhaps as incredulous as I am that the Observers don't know what necklaces are for, like COME ON. I mean, they're all dressed like Roger Sterling from Mad Men, so surely they have some idea of the concept of decorative dress, if not style. Windmark seems surprised that a fugitive like Peter would risk himself for something "so unexceptional" but the fugitives' confidence to walk freely is, he thinks, a sign that they're receiving information. "The Resistance is protecting them," says Windmark, who tells Broyles that one of the men in his division failed a security test: "I believe he is with the Resistance. I think you will be able to get information about the fugitives through him."

An angry Broyles asks why Windmark didn't tell him about the security fail, and Windmark counters by saying he could ask Broyles the same question. "I didn't know about it," snaps Broyles. Windmark is all " point." Yeah, I hate to say it, Broyles, but, checkmate. Not much Broyles can say to that, other than promising to look into it. He leaves, and Windmark goes back to watching the holographic Peter swing his gas can at the Observer.

Over at the Harvard lab, VHS Walter is welcoming the viewers to Tape 2 of his plan to defeat the Observers, which begins with a warning to accept the reversibility of all phenomena. Even... death? No particular reason I'm asking about that. Anyway, VHS Walter is babbling about particles having their speeds reversed and maybe how without understanding of these scientific concepts, they will "not be fighting in the same field." He's got plans on rolled-up sheets of paper that he says must retrieved. The tape's too glitchy to be comprehended, but they are able to glean that Walter hid the plans as he would his most prized possession. But as he rambles on about the train trips he and his mother would take, the tape stops working. Astrid pulls it out, but it's ripped, caught on a fleck of amber. So I guess this means there's no thrilling "Astrid cleans the tape to decipher more instructions while the rest of the gang get up to shenanigans" this time.

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