The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

Broyles asks what else, and the interrogator says that when he said the name "Peter Bishop, Holden recalled a moment when he heard Anil mention a lab in Sector B. "I think you know this as the old Harvard University," he says. The music has been building in intensity too, such that I'm half-wondering by this point whether the interrogator is trying to read Broyles too.

After a moment, Broyles nods and the Observer says he thought Broyles would recognize it: "You had a relationship with these fugitives that I thought we would call upon." Broyles asks how he knew that and the Observer says Windmark told him, and said he was going to ask Broyles about it. Man, adding to the general creepiness is this guy's got skin like coarse sandpaper and a slight walleyed thing going on. "I knew them, but that was a long time ago," says Broyles.

The interrogator says that according to this man's knowledge, they are in the lab. He stares at Broyles a little longer before announcing that he'll go make his report and leaves. Broyles looks mighty relieved and he takes his hand off the butt of his gun.

Over in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Astrid is working with some sort of weapon of mass destruction in one of those sealed chamber thingies -- you know, the ones were you put your hands in through built-in sleeves? And the Bishop boys are goofing off and firing some sort of gun and freaking her out, before deciding that the gun he's holding will be a "perfect delivery system."

Meanwhile, Olivia and Etta are scoping out the Penn Station checkpoint, via iPad 2036 and I think it's just stock footage of the same checkpoint they used for Formerly Harvard University. Olivia says it looks like they bumped up the number of Loyalists at the checkpoint and it's not going to be easy getting in. Then she notices Etta is threading the chain through her bullet, and asks where she got it. Seemingly casually, but clearly not.

Etta explains that she found it in their old house on Quincy Street. Olivia looks surprised she was even there. "I wanted to remember things. I don't know. I just wanted to be there. It made me feel closer to you," she says.

The house was looted -- like the whole block, naturally -- but up in what used to be Olivia's bedroom was what was left of her old jewelry box, with a matchbook inside and the bullet inside that. "I figured it had to be important or you wouldn't have kept it," says Etta. She's been wearing it since she was thirteen.

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