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What’s The Frequency, Walter?
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It's Lincoln Bee's funeral and, as per television convention, it's raining. Of course, when you're shooting in Vancouver the odds of any exterior shot being filmed while it's raining are pretty good.

Lincoln Lee and the Farnsworthbot are sitting in a car, watching the mourners gather around the grave rather than joining the unfestivities themselves -- Farnsworthbot because she doesn't like funerals (she doesn't bring up the recent one for her father, but she doesn't have to) and Lincoln Lee I'm assuming because he knows it's not a good idea to be present while this universe buries their version of him.

At the grave, the parents look disconsolate, Fauxlivia looks hardened (yet with that sexy woman-in-uniform thing going on, especially with the white gloves on) and Col. Broyles looks away from too much direct eye contact. Bee's mom says children aren't supposed to die before their parents and Fauxlivia gives her word they'll do everything they can to bring those responsible to justice, then hugs her.

At Fringe Division, Manhattan, the incarcerated Meana Sharp looks at some sort of file about her on a tablet computer. She hands it back to Fauxlivia -- out of uniform, but her hair's down again so it's a tradeoff -- and says she's unclear on what's expected of her for this reduced sentence offer.

Fauxlivia explains that she thinks David Robert Jones has a mole in the Department of Defense and this is a one-time offer signed by the Secretary himself if she tells them who tipped off Jones about the prisoner transport that got Bee killed.

Meana stares her down and hands back the tablet. Fauxliva warns her that she's making a mistake, because she's going to find Jones and then everyone who worked for him will rot in a cell alongside her. Hey, I bet it sounds nice to get the gang back together! Meana tells her not to sweat it, because she's not going to be here very long. "It's your world you ought to be concerned about. Because as bad as you think things are now, things are going to get much worse." Ugh. There are more Kardashians out there?

Back over to Manhattan in its double-T glory, where some Wall Street douchebag at Aartz Holdings (which made me think of Arzt holding dynamite in Lost) is holding forth on how they're in the business of making money, and dressing down some dude named "Delman," because the suspenders-wearing boss (named Bauer) and another boss named Hamilton had to cancel their flight to Baltimore this morning. "Because you and your associates failed to finish the presentation." Nice going, Delman! Now nobody gets crab cakes!

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