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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

Bauer blisters Delman on how the company has to forfeit on one of its largest accounts because he didn't do his job. Everyone else in the room is just glad he's not Delman and Bauer's about to fire the guy when he's suddenly lifted up to the ceiling, face first. No one in the room can do anything other than watch in horror as Bauer yells in anger and fear for someone to get him down, while his body blinks in and out of a couple slightly different positions, like bad television reception. Then he falls down to the boardroom table, his dead body a twisted mass of blood and limb. FRINGE!

After the opening credits, the NYPD is on scene when Fringe arrives. Walter is chewing out Astrid for her allegedly daredevil-esque driving (which she insists was at the speed limit). Walter completely calms down when he sees Peter and Olivia arrive and he has to point out to "Ascot" his son and his son's "girlfriend," like maybe Peter gave her his football jacket after fifth period yesterday. Olivia and Peter stroll up to the other two and a smirking Walter tells Peter that he tried calling his house last night, but Peter didn't answer and Peter says he was out -- like DON'T THEY HAVE CELLPHONES. After some insinuation that Peter was busy plowing Olivia to make up for lost time -- cut short, thankgodfully, by Astrid -- the team heads inside to check out the situation, which is that two men were killed in the building simultaneously; both were lifted several feet in the air and then driven back down by an unseen force, killing them on impact.

Walter's examining Bauer in the boardroom, while Astrid's examining the other corpse, which is... also in the boardroom? Off to the side? Did I just miss that in all the excitement of Suspender Man getting his bonus in violent death instead of currency this year? Walter notes that the bones in the lower half of Bauer's body are completely shattered, and Astrid notes it's the same with the other guy. She's wondering why this happened only to these two, out of the entire building.

Walter quotes the Bible: "The wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all unrighteous men," but Peter's not super-keen on Walter's working "wrath of God" hypothesis. Walter says one could argue that God kills us all. Sure, one could. I'm not aware of many scientists who do, but Walter is of course one of the exceptions.

At any rate, Bauer's spinal column is crushed, his hip bone pushed up through his torso -- injuries consistent with impact, notes Walter. Peter points out that there's no way there was enough velocity from the short height to do that and Walter agrees.

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