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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

Olivia's interviewing Delman, who seems a little more freaked out by his near-termination than Bauer's death, but Bauer did come off kind of douchey. He's explaining what happened when Olivia's cellphone starts ringing and she excuses herself to go answer it, which is kind of rude.

Meanwhile, Walter's found some sort of laceration on Bauer's torso and Astrid, after he asks her to, finds similar abrasions on the other victim. They're stumped as to what could have caused it, until Peter comes up with "seatbelt." He points out the way the lacerations extend across the chest. "If these people weren't in an office building, you'd swear they were in a car crash together," he says.

Olivia strolls up to tell them that they've got a third victim; a man found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn, with injuries and time of death consistent with the men here. Oh, and he was a pilot. Walter's all "Eureka!' because a crushed spinal column and broken femurs are wounds consistent with a plane crash. Peter points out that being in a plane is rather crucial in order to suffer plane crash injuries, a problem that puzzles Walter for all of about three seconds before he sees his reflection in a television screen and says he has an idea.

Over to the other universe, where the Farnsworthbot strolls into Col. Broyles' office to tell that the other side was correct and there was in fact a plane crash, about ninety minutes ago, just after takeoff from an airfield in Teaneck. Two men and a pilot were killed.

That's just when Fauxlivia comes in and Col. Broyles says she's just the person he wanted to see, before dismissing Farnsworthbot with the orders to coordinate with the NTSB to take possession of the aircraft and the bodies.

Before Col. Broyles can lay some work on her, Fauxlivia announces, "I've narrowed it down to a hundred and eight names." But Broyles doesn't have any idea what she's talking about, so she explains it's the list of everyone who had operational clearance and would have known about the prisoner transport. "I want to initiate background checks and electronic surveillance," she says. Broyles glances at it, clearly thinking, "Let's see, 'Broyles, Broyles, Broyles...'" and then warns her that she's talking about investigating their own people, many of whom work for the Department of Defense and outrank both of them. Look, I know Col. Broyles is looking for a reason to put her off, but it seems silly of him to warn Fauxlivia that she's talking about investigating their own people. I mean, it's a mole. IT'S YOUR OWN PEOPLE. I suppose he's playing it like he's not yet convinced there is a mole? But Fauxlivia ticks off all the ways Jones has been a step ahead of them every time, arriving at the conclusion that someone tipped off Meana Sharp and got Lincoln Bee killed.

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