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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

Touchingly, he thanks her for trusting him, because this is a really big step for him. The door opens and Walter is all, "Ah, my escort is here!" and then unfortunately feels the need to specify that he doesn't mean Lincoln and Fauxlivia are hookers. Lincoln awkwardly says hello to Olivia, in a couple-post-breakup "You're looking well" kind of way. Fauxlivia helps Walter carry his gear out, leaving Olivia and Lincoln to be uncomfortable with each other. Olivia asks how Fauxlivia's doing. "As well as can be expected, considering she just lost her partner," says Lincoln, adding the last part just in case Olivia didn't know why she was asking how Fauxlivia's doing. Lincoln says Fauxlivia wants to find the people responsible and Olivia says she hopes she does and that she's lucky to have Lincoln's help. She tells him to take care of Walter and they stiffly part ways.

Outside, on the pier to the ferry, Walter sees an electronic signboard listing various neighborhoods as "red" or "green." He asks what it is and Fauxlivia tells him it's a list of hotspots where the damage was the worst. Walter seems a little bummed at the reminder of the damage he caused and Fauxlivia's telling him that the Bridge is helping to heal the world doesn't appear to be much comfort. As the trio head up the pier, the guard calls after Fauxlivia to offer his condolences on Agent Bee. Fauxlivia curtly accepts them, clearly not in the mood to talk about it or Walter's glum explanation of how he wanted to bring her some sort of condolence casserole, but transporting perishables between universes is apparently forbidden. Really? Humans are perishables, you know.

Talk turns to Walter's theories of how a plane crash in one universe can kill people in the other: he doesn't have any yet. He talks about how he and Belly successfully transported matter from one side to the other and merged tiny portions of universes, but it never occurred to them that an event in one universe could cause a reaction in the other. Fauxlivia asks if someone might have caused this. "On purpose? Anything's possible, even Santa Claus," says Walter. Uh, in what sense is Santa Claus possible? I mean, isn't there someone every Christmas who trots out how fast and how heavy Santa's sleigh would have to be (not to mention the whole squeezing down the chimney thing) to point out that it defies any and all laws of physics?

Lee asks her if she thinks Jones has something to do with it and Fauxlivia tells him about Meana telling her that things were about to get a lot worse and then this happened. Walter says if Jones caused this, he's conceived of something Walter and Belly never did.

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